Just A Few Things

Hi Everyone.  Wishing all of you a most wonderful holiday weekend.

Just wanted to post about a few things.

First some fun things.

I had my two grand girls the other day and we went to Home Goods and they had some of the costumes for Halloween in the store.  My littlest granddaughter Charlotte wanted to be a unicorn so we tried on the unicorn costume.

Gotta love a unicorn with a pacifier lol!

Abby my other granddaughter was trying to take a picture of Charlotte in the costume with her cell phone.

Charlotte just turned 2 this summer and she is at that fun stage that she loves to dress up in things.  Mimi had to get this costume for her for Halloween.  Just had too it was too cute on her!

Ok on to a new project sneak peek that Terry and I are working on.

It all started when I was in Whimsy a cute store I frequent in Morris.  Traci is the owner and always has the cutest clothes and decor accessories along with some really beautiful vintage pieces of furniture and decor.

I walked in to the store to see this..........

Yep!!! my heart skipped a beat when I saw this long architectural mirror behind this rack of clothes.  Ohhhhh I was swooning.  The salvage pieces that were built around this floor length mirror were gorgeous.

I was smitten!  I asked one of the girls in the shop that day if the mirror was for sale.
She said yes and climbed behind the clothing rack to find the price.

She came back and told me it was $1200 dollars. 
Talk about the wind being taken out of my sails!!!
Way out of my budget.

Sorry this is the only picture I have of this piece.  The bottom part of the mirror is pretty plain compared to the top.

So I had to walk away from this beautiful piece that made my heart skip a beat.  I know you all know what I am talking about!!!! That piece that you see and just immediately fall in love with it.

I went home and could not get that piece out of my mind.  I loved it so much.

 I showed the picture to Terry and he said if you love it that much we can make it work in the budget so go ahead and get it.  Very sweet of him but we are still playing catch up from him being out of work for two years.

I said I just cannot justify in my mind paying that much for this mirror even with loving it so much.
It just was not meant to be mine. :(

Terry then said to me I bet I could make you something similar to that and you can design it anyway you want!

Gosh I love this man and his tools and his willingness to want to take on projects like this.

I had this old vintage door with a patina mirror already in it.  Hmmmm...  I thought maybe we could make this work and build off of it.

So that is what we are doing.  I have an old porch post and a beautiful chippy header piece that is going to get incorporated into this new project.  

We are on our way to Michigan tomorrow for a few days.  The Found Cottage one of my favorite shops is hosting a big outdoor market with over 90 vendors.  So we are taking a drive up tomorrow for the market.  It will be a mini trip and stay in Michigan.  The ride is about 2.5 hours so not too bad of a drive for only staying two days.

We have some family commitments this holiday weekend on Sunday and Monday so we will have to return for those parties.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Hope Terry and I can finish up my budget friendly version of an architectural full length mirror to show you soon.
Stay tuned!!!