Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Elzie from Essemia Blog

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

I am so excited this week to introduce you to an international blogger.  Her name is Elzie and her blog is Essemia Blog and she lives in Sweden.  I love when I find international bloggers that want to share their culture and life with all of us.  
Enjoy getting to know Elzie.  She is a sweet blogger and then hop over to check out her blog.

Hi! Some time ago I got a note on my blog from Kris that she wanted me to be the blogger of the week in her Spotlight Feature. I really got thrilled!! It had not been on my mind at all, but I must say I was really thrilled about it. And after I said yes, I began to wonder what should I write???? Had no idea, but here I am and you'll have to take me for what I am, lol.

My name is Elzie and I live in Rottne, a small Town in the South of Sweden. Our county is Småland. I'm 60 years old (oh, that sounds SO OLD!) and I'm married to the man of my Life. His name is Ingvar and he's 66. Actually he's retired now, but got back to work for some Days a week. I Think he had a dull time as I'm still working, haha. It's better for him to have something to do cause he's such a energic person.

Here he is with our dog Fia. She's a Welsh Springer Spaniel and she's almost 5 years now. A very spoiled Little dog, haha. She also helps out as soon as there is  food in the kitchen!

Another Picture of our baby.

As we both were a bit older when we met, we have both kids and grandkids on separate sides. I have one daughter that has two daughters, and a son that has one son and one daughter. My DH has a son that's married but have no kids and a daughter that has a son and a daughter. It's only my son that lives nearbye. The others are living both to the North, West  and the South.

This is our house from the garden side. I just love to be in the garden and work and next year will be perfect for that. We've been camping on the same spot for seven years now and to tell the truth, I was very bored the last two years. It was the same people all the time and it can be rather irritating hearing the same things over and over again. But now we've decided we shall go with our Caravan to the North of Sweden and drive around there and look at things. It'll give me more time in the garden and that I love!!

If you wonder why I don't show any Pictures of my family, apart from my DH, I can tell you they don't like to be on blogs or FB. So I just have to accept that I'm afraid.

I work as a staff nurse at a home for the elderly 20 kms from here. I've done that for many years now and I like it, even if it can be rather Heavy from time to time, both for the head and body.

My favorite things to do when I'm free is to work in the garden, as I mentioned, do different kinds of handicraft, take photos, read books, write letters, play with my grandchildren and much more.

I don't know what more to tell you about me, it's Always difficult to talk about one self I Think. Maybe I'll meet you one day on either yours or my blog. Take care everyone and have a great Christmas.

Love Elzie

Thank you Elzie for sharing about yourself and your life in Sweden.
It was a pleasure to get to know you a little better.
Please take a moment and make a visit to Elzie's blog
 Have a great rest of the week end.

Yummy and Quick Appetizer

I got so many compliments on my Fiesta Dip recipe at my girlfriend party I thought I would share it with you today.  If you are needing a yummy easy to make appetizer this is a good one.

Easy to make and you put it in a crock pot.
So easy peasy.

In a fry pan you brown Jimmy Dean's pork sausage (small tube) and some green onions (about 4 to 5 chopped)  then add in cut up peppers.  I used one each  yellow, orange, red and green peppers.  I love the taste of all of these added together.

After you have added your cut up peppers to the browned sausage and onions.  You then add two bricks of cream cheese and stir until melted.

Then I added store bought pico de gallo.  I use the mild but you can spice this up with hot too.  Turn off your heat and add the pico and stir until well mixed.

Then I added one jar of mild banana peppers cut up.    Mix the banana peppers into the mixture.

You can add jalapeno's right into the dip or serve them on the side.  I served them on the side for those that wanted to add the heat.  I feel there is a lot of heat with mild jalapeno's but they also make a hot version for those of you that love intense heat!!!

I put the fiesta dip into one of my crock pots and turned it onto warm for the evening.  I served this dip with taco chip scoops and also Frito scoops.  Soooo yummy and I got lots of compliments on the taste of this dip.  It is a crowd pleaser.

You can make this dip up ahead of time and just keep in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.  I would set it on low for an hour or so before the party is to start to heat it through.  Then you can set the crock pot back to keep warm.

So easy and delish.  So if you need a good dip to take to your holiday party this is a great one.
I am making this to take as one of my appetizer's for Christmas Eve.

Have a great week.  Enjoy the fast pace days of this time of year.

Girlfriend Party

Happy Sunday.

Friday night I had my annual Girlfriend Charity Party.  This is a party I have at my home each year to bring all my bff's together to share a night of good food, fun and friendship.  Love all of these girls in my life and it is a great night to celebrate our love and friendship for each other.

Just thought I would show you a few pics of the party.  I get so busy with hosting I forget to take a lot of pics.  Here are a few.

I am so happy I have this large open dining room.  I can set up my tables so we can all sit together.  We play games so it is nice to be all at one table for those.

I put a favors out on the table for each girl.  You can see my post here on those.

Getting my food table ready.  We do walking tacos as the main appetizer.  Have you ever had a walking taco?  You take Frito lunch size bags.  You can see them in the upper left corner on the table.  Cut them open and then each girl fills the Frito bags with chicken or taco meats and then I have all the toppings to add. Sorry did not get a finished picture with all the toppings put out.   Each girl can then walk around with their appetizer and enjoy.  They are fun and everyone can have them their way!

Margarita Drink Station in the kitchen.

Some of my long time bff's.  Oh how I love these girls.

Opening some of the girlfriend charity gifts.  Each girl brings a exchange gift for another girl at the party.  The gifts purchased must benefit a charity in some way.  The gifts are always fabulous and the charities that they benefit are wonderful.  It amazes me each year the fabulous gifts each of the girls bring to exchange.

Years ago when I started this party it was just me and my bff's.  Now that my two daughters are grown they bring their bff's to the party.  My daughter Kim on the far right and her friends dressed in a theme for their jammies.  They were elf's.  Every Christmas Party needs a few elf's RIGHT?!!

My other daughter Jen second from the right and her bff's were Christmas sock monkeys.  I can share something special about this picture now.  My daughter is going to have another baby.  I can finally spread the word.  She is starting to show in this picture.  So Abby will be getting a sister or brother for the beginning of summer.

Here is our group pic with all of us in our Christmas jammies. We all just have a wonderful evening together.
My little granddaughter Abby wore her jammies to the party too.  Abby went with Grandpa to the movies first and then joined us girls later.  Love that little 5 year old wants to be part of the party now too!

Well just a few pictures I remember to take of the fun night.  It is bittersweet again for me.  This will be my last year to host the party in this home since it is now sold.  No matter where we land in this coming new year I  hope next year I will be able to host my special party for these beautiful friends.

Hope your decor is happening and your cookies are baking and your shopping and wrapping are almost finished.
Enjoy the down hill slide into Christmas.  Just goes too fast.
Have a good week.
Love you all.