Fall Decor ????

Hello Blogging Friends.

Hope the week is going good and the weekend will be even better.

I really truly want to start some fall decor but we have been hanging onto summer here in Illinois.

As you can see my front flowers and window boxes are still going strong. 
Those two white fall boxes sitting there are to replace summer. 
Nope not yet.

These new flower boxes are stuffed with Fall.

As you can see these are still overflowing the flower boxes and I do not have the heart to take them down.

I may do a switch a roo this weekend and take these down and put them on the stoop and put up my fall boxes.   

Even my Hosta's are starting to bloom again.

The look on my garden bird bath angel seems confused too!

I did start a little fall decor in the kitchen.

Buddy came in to supervise!

I found this cute plate at Home Goods.

Some Fall decor but not much outside yet.

I need to get out my witch and pumpkins to do a vignette on my coffee table too.

Hope all of you are enjoying getting out your fall decor.

Have a great weekend.

New Drapes & Old Door Re Love

I finally got my new drapes that match my bedspread.

We found this old door on our Michigan trip.  Terry added a mirror where the window would be.

Full of chippiness!

Wishing all of you a great rest of this week.  

We are having gorgeous weather here in Illinois.  Summer is not letting go.  
I will enjoy all of these summer days as long as Mother Nature will give them to us.  


Making your blogspot secure.

This weekend I was trying to open a few of your blog posts that came into my email.  
I have Xfinity for my server and email.  

I am finding that blogs that do not have the https// in front of the www. are considered to not be a secure blog spot.  
Xfinity then in turn will not let me open your site  from my email or even in Google.  

There is an easy way to fix this and to have your site secure.

All you have to do is go into your blog and open your basic settings.
When you see this page below scroll down to HTTPS and where it says HTTP redirect click on yes.  
Hopefully then your site will come up as secure to others.

This worked for me to make mine secure.  am no computer wiz or expert when it comes to this stuff. I just want to share what worked for me to become secure.

I do not want to miss anything you guys are blogging about so hope this helps you to check your site and make the site secure.

Have a great start to the new week.