Love and Thank You.

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

Just a few little items to post about today here on the blog.

Thirty Eight Years ago today this great guy and I got married.
I found my best friend and the love of my life.

He has blessed my life in so many ways.  Together we had two beautiful daughters.
I am the luckiest girl and love my life with this man.
Happy Anniversary to my friend, life partner and handyman!

Now on to a big thank you.  Cil my friend I have met through blogging is not only a beautiful person but she can SEW!!!! Yes sir she can sew and she creates the most beautiful creations.

I got a shower curtain and had some lace pieces and sent it to her and she came up with this beautiful shower curtain for me.

I love that I had saved all these pieces of lace off of clothing and other items.  Cil then with her creative soul attached them and sewed them beautifully.

Love you Cil.  This is so gorgeous.  The pictures do not do it justice.  Hard to get a good picture in this bathroom with no window or natural light.

 Cil gifted me a beautiful pillow for a House Warming Gift.  She sews but she also does cross stitch.  Thank you sweet friend. I love the curtain and the pillow.

 Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Living Tiny

Could you live Tiny?  
Would you be comfortable with ordering your Tiny Home on

Here are some tiny homes you can actually buy on line.

Let's begin with this cute tiny house.

It is on wheels so you can move it onto a newly bought property lot or you can move it around like a camper.

Has a good size bedroom.

Nicely appointed kitchen.  I love that it has full size appliances.

Lot's of windows for natural light.
Good size shower space in the bathroom.

It has double sinks!!!!

This is another home you can buy on line.  It is a cabin style home.

Great option for vacation or permanent living. 
Get yourself a piece of land for this sweet home to be delivered and ready to move in.

They all seem to have full size appliances and lots of storage.

The Cabin comes with a couple of different options for the kitchen. 
This one is smaller and the above option has the larger area with a bay window.

This is another configuration you can get in your Cabin home.

I love the cute window boxes on this one.
Another tiny house for permanent living or vacation home.
The stairs are for climbing to the loft bedroom but also are used for storage.

This modern tiny home comes with several different fronts and configurations and a garage.

This is one version of living space you can get in this modern home.

Another version of the modern tiny house.

A very nice size bedroom.

Could you live in a Shipping Container?
  This is the new trend in living small.
You can buy a shipping container and then fix it up any way you want or order it with all the furnishings done for you.

Great Master Bedroom in the Shipping Container House.

Lots of windows make these tiny homes feel bigger and lets more natural light in.

The use of beams make the ceiling seem higher in a lot of these homes.

Another home on wheels. 
If you like to move around the country and put roots down for a short time this might be a great way to live.

The shiplap walls and beams make this home feel bigger and brighter.

They have large bathrooms.

Many of the tiny homes have loft type bedroom areas.
So many choices of Tiny Home Styles.

This one has a Key West vibe.

This one is beautiful set up in the hills.

How about a home that is literally on the water!

So do you think you could live in a tiny house? 

 Could you see buying one of these on line and having it delivered to a piece of property you have purchased for a vacation spot? 

These seem to be catching on quickly and a lot of people are opting to go this route to live.  

Many young couples that do not want to be bogged down with a mortgage love this idea.  

People that have a nice piece of property on a lake or in the mountains like these for vacation homes.

People that have a large piece of land with their  home might like this to put on the property for a guest house.

Retires that want to move around in different area's of the country to live for short periods of time might like this option too.

I was amazed that there are so many of these tiny home options that you can buy on line.

I live small and in a tiny house but mine does not have wheels to move!
  I think we will stay put in this house and enjoy our neighbors and community.

Have a great rest of the week.