Junk Chic Cottage Flowers

Hello blogging friends.  

I wanted to show you more of my flowers now that the rain has finally stopped to get a few pictures.

I will start with the backyard and deck.  Of course my sweet lounge chair that has followed me to every home.  This is where I soak up sun and read in the summer months.

Sweet Karen Harmon (Lisa Harmon's mom that sews slipcovers for furniture)  makes the lounge chair covers for me.  This is the fabric for this year.

With all the rain this flower box is over flowing and has gotten two times its size in just the one month.  The flowers are trailing down nicely.

This sweet angel was gifted to me by a special and dear friend for my birthday.  I love how serene and pretty she is.

I decided to go with hanging geraniums this year instead of petunia's.  The petunia's are so pretty but they need to be dead headed all the time.  I am giving these sun loving hanging geraniums a try.  This one sits on my white chippy chair.  Again it has gotten double in size due to all the rain that you can hardly see the chair.

You cannot see the heavy round iron plant holder under this big plant of petunia's.  The colors this year are vibrant even before I give them bloom booster. 

This is another one of my iron flower holders.  The flower box flowers are trailing down this piece nicely.  These are already a great size and we just started into June.  By the end of August these will be trailing down and on the deck.

Here is a look at the deck from the grass.  With not having a proper dining area Terry and I enjoy eating out on the deck as much as possible all summer long.

As you can see with my bike basket flowers they have filled up my basket and are almost to the ground already from the basket.

My chippy birdhouse and welcome to the garden sign.

Front porch garden boots.

My flower boxes out front are doing really well too.  Doubling in size.

The hosta's are getting bigger and as you can see my poor hydrangea plant in the back is tee tiny right now.  They need more sun and less rain.  Last year at this time they were covering the ground around them.  They are sensitive to weather conditions.

On the other side of the house the hydrangea is doing a little better.  Seeing buds.
Junk Chic Cottage 3 is officially up for sale.  Hope with the weekend going to be nice we might get some buyers through.
Prayers for a quick sale so we can venture on to find Junk Chic Cottage 4.

Have a good Friday and wonderful weekend.

The Chair

Hi Blogging Friends.  I told you I would come back and show you Terry's chair all fixed up pretty and brought back to life.

Here is the leather Cleaner and re coloring balm.

You try to pick the color that is closest to your leather color.  I chose Camel.

This is the before chair.  You can see the deep scratches and fading of the original color.

Here is the after.  You can see how the leather balm brought back out the beautiful color of the leather and helped with all the deep scratches.

This shows the before how dried out the leather was and how many scratches were visable.

Before cleaning and balm.


It hydrated and reconditioned the leather and took out some of the scratches and brought back the original color.

Love my new improved leather recliner.  Looks healthier and still has a vintage look.
The cleaner and color balm come with easy peasy directions.
You clean the leather chair with the cleaner.  Wipes on and off and then you take the pad they give you with the balm rub it in and let it dry.
It dries quickly and the more coats you do the darker and richer the color becomes.

So for very little money I was able to recondition this beautiful leather recliner.