Michigan House Trip and Flower Kick Off

Hello sweet bloggers.

I got back from our Michigan trip and it was so wonderful.  
The rain held off until Sunday afternoon when we were heading home.  
It was cloudy but we still walked on the beach and enjoyed the pretty cottage house.

I loved this front room.  It was decorated so cute.  As you can see not a lot of sunshine coming in those windows! No rain so it is all good with me.

All of her pretty furniture in each room was fabulous.

This was the other living room area.  I loved that this house had so many places to hang out.

You guys were all anxious to see what I bought.  Well it was these funky sunglasses!!!! 
Yep! no chippy shabby pretties found on this trip.
The purpose was to relax and enjoy the beach and house. 
I am not sure about you but when I go places like this I either find a million treasures to bring home or not much! 
I did get a few candles and little things along with the sunglasses. 
It was just a fun and relaxing trip.

The flowers are beginning at Junk Chic Cottage.  I got my flower boxes planted and also my bike basket done.  

The perennials are beginning to come back to life.  Pretty soon you will not see the dark mulch it will be filled with roses and hydrangeas and flowers.

It is a welcome sight to see everything coming back to life. 

We had a long winter and not too much of a Spring. 

Lots of rain but hoping the nice temps and the sunshine will start to be more often and the plants will thrive.

I will have to take pictures in about a month when everything fills in.

I am working on the back patio/deck.

 I am getting out my pretty lounge chair
and getting my flowers going back there. 

I hope to show you that soon.  With all the rain it has been hard to get everything planted.

Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend.


PS:  I did find a beautiful treasure right before we went on our trip to Michigan.  I am working on it and hope to have that up to take pictures and show it soon.