The Tiny House Life


Have you ever thought of living small and in a "Tiny House"?  With each move through the years we downside and found that living small is not so bad.  You utilize every inch of your living space.  You do not have endless rooms that are rarely used like in bigger homes.  

There are a lot of communities that are groups of tiny home dwellers.
As Terry gets closer to retirement we have thought about maybe buying some land someplace wonderful to live and put down a tiny home.
I have borrowed the next pictures from Tiny House Life to show you some of the styles of Tiny Homes.

This is a tiny home that is made for younger people with really great knees lol!  

I could totally see my self living on a pretty lake in this tiny home with a beautiful garden surrounding the house.

  Many mobile or manufactured home parks across the country are now switching to putting Tiny Homes on the lots.  They hold up better and have more modern options.

I think I could give up a bigger home for a more peaceful and quaint way of living.  The views would be more important than the actual size of the house.

What do you think could you live small in a Tiny Home?
Have a great rest of the week.


  1. I have been looking at these for a long time. Ryan has talked about starting a community here with tiny homes. I would love it. If wishes would come true-I would love to live on a house boat from Spring through Fall. We lived aboard a boat for 3 summers and it was the happiest time of my live. It was 12x36 so almost like a tiny home but it floated...and had an upstairs salon, mid level kitchen and one step down into a master cabin and a second small cabin. I LOVED of the best times of my life! xo xo xo Diana

  2. Hi Kris,
    YES!!! I could do it. As long as I have garden space, which many have. I just don't want so much to clean, and I have found downsizing frees you up from cleaning and just having less seems to free me up.
    YES... I would do it. :-)

  3. Hi Kris, I am not sure I could live in a tiny house. I would have to purge all of my dishware (lol)! The location would be the key for sure, definitely would want to see beautiful scenery. Since you have already downsized, you and Terry might enjoy a tiny house. Keep us posted! Enjoy your weekend ❤️

  4. YES!!!! I have been contemplating looking into a tiny house but really didnt know where to begin. I could definitely see myself living very comfortably in one. Let us know how your search goes :)

  5. The smallest we could ever go is 1,000 feet. I need indoor plumbing and electric. There are no places to do this in NJ.

  6. Yes!!! I could totally do it!! Wow! You found some beautiful homes. I’ll take one with a water view please! 🥰 Have a great weekend, Kris!!

  7. I am enchanted!! I like them all and it would be amazing to live there!! Happy Sunday!!

  8. Nope, couldn't do it. I feel claustrophobic just looking at the photos, lol. I don't need to live "large", but these houses are just way too small for me.

  9. Kris, you've shown some beautiful small homes. I enjoyed looking at the photos but I don't like the one with all of those stairs. LOL. I hope you enjoy the week.

  10. These are all cute tiny homes. What is the size limit? How many square feet? Our little lake cabin is only 1100 ft2. I like it because it's so easy to maintain. I have stuff I like to have around, so I don't know if I'm ready for a tiny house yet. However, if I could have a view like the ones you shared, I might change my mind!

  11. Hi Kris
    These houses are all so lovely and cute..........the views of some are amazing. I love how they look but not sure I could live in one full time. It would be fun to vacation in
    one with those views. Hope yu are doing well hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  12. Kris, I often think about our first "tiny" home and wish I had it back. Always wanted something bigger and "better" and now I wish I had a few less rooms to clean. There are such little beauties on the market now. Dream tiny!!xxoJudy