Vintage Window Dressing Valentine's Day DIY Gift

Happy Weekend Everyone.

We are finally coming out of the brutally cold days here in Illinois.  It was unbelievably frigid.

We were 26 below with a wind chill of -50 below for two days and now we are climbing back up and will hit 55 here on Monday.  So crazy here. We go from one extreme to another. Welcome to Midwest Winter!

Two Guns and A Chair and A Winner

Hello sweet blogging friends.

We are actually -24 degrees today and climbing.  Yesterday -26 and wind chill -50.  Nuts I tell ya!

At least this is the last day for the brutal temps.
  Tomorrow it will start returning to our normal winter temps.  
I for one will be so glad.  I have felt like a trapped animal these past few days.

Picture me bundled in my down coat, hat, scarf and gloves and heavy duty boots carrying Buddy outside to the spot in the yard he does his business.  I had to do this or his paws would freeze immediately!  I am so over winter!!!!

Ok let's get to the post.

 I do not sew but I can use a staple gun and hot glue gun like no ones business!

This was my office chair.  I have had this chair for a long time.  I love this chair because of it's comfort.  I sit for long periods of time at the computer so this chair is so comfy to do that.

The material on this chair had seen better days.  So off it came.  With a good staple gun and glue gun I was able to re love this office chair's with some new fabric.

Here she is!  She is chippy white and has new pretty fabric and I can even twirl on occasion when the mood strikes in this chair!!!  

My chippy sweet office chair is back in business.  Amazing what you can do with a staple gun and hot glue gun when you cannot sew.

I started to work on the new banquette.  I kept the custom slipcovers from my Ikea chairs after I sold the chairs.  I thought maybe I could use the buffalo check ruffle on the new banquette.

This is where I ended up after stapling and making a padded seat.  Just not lovin it!

Even with looking at adding a back to this I still was not loving it.

This was my inspiration from Ballards Designs.

So it was back to the drawing board. 
I found this on Offer Up for $40.  It looks in good shape. 
I believe I can re love this piece with a more updated look using paint and a new padded seat and possibly some new legs.
Stay tuned hoping this plan will work.
Terry and I will pick this up on Saturday and hopefully get to work on it.

Now onto the winner of the sweet dryer ball give away.

And the winner is Tonita!   Tonita email me your address and these sweet little dryer balls will be on their way to you.

Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend.  Hoping by tomorrow here in Illinois we will begin to thaw out.



Little Beau Sheep Giveaway and An Update

Hello sweet blogging friends.  Happy Sunday.
I have a little giveaway and also some new projects in the works and an update.

While minding my own business and perusing Etsy one evening I came across something just too adorable to pass up.

These sweet little dryer balls.  I can't stand how cute they are.  So I bought some!!!!!

This sweet and talented seller lives in the United Kingdom and uses 100% wool to make these.


LITTLE BEAU SHEEP 100% wool dryer balls help soften clothes naturally, increasing fluffiness as the dryer tumbles, eliminating the need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets. They are also much quieter and more environmentally friendly than the plastic alternatives. Just pop all three balls into the dryer for a small load of laundry. Or for larger, more heavy duty loads I'd recommend six or more.

These felted laundry balls will last for 1,000's of loads. Each pack of 3 sheep dryer balls are made with 100g of natural, undyed wool. They are 100% wool roving to the core with no fillers and not made from wrapped yarn so they can't unravel. They may pill slightly over time with use but this will not affect their performance and you can just trim this off to keep them looking beautiful! 
This sweet shop can be found here on Etsy.
Her Shop Name is Little Beau Sheep!

This sweet and talented seller did not compensate me in anyway to give her this shout out on my blog.  I just love to buy from small business and give them a shout out here on my blog when they make something as special as these dryer balls.

They come in sets of three to a box.  Very nice packaging if you want to give these for a gift.

Look at those adorable faces.  Could not pass these up.  This seller also makes wool soap and oils to put on the dryer balls too.

The idea is to get rid of dryer sheets and chemicals to dry our clothes.  I have to say I still love my Downey and Snuggle smells with my laundry.  So I cheat the enviorment a little bit and spray my dryer balls with a little fabric softner.

These really work so well.  My laundry does come out very soft. These little guys hold there shape too.  She says you can get over 1,000 dryer loads out of these cuties!

Since I was such a Shopaholic and could not resist buying some of these.  I am going to do a small give away of a few of these.
I wrapped them up in cello and tied them off.  They are ready to be sent to a few of you lucky readers of my blog.

Hmmmm what might Terry and Kris have up their DIY sleeves for this piece?  This is a storage shelf from Ikea.  Very inexpensive $35.

This my friends is going to be converted to a banquette for the corner where the round dining table will go in the new Living Room / Dining Room make over.

This is an example of a banquette that Ballards Design's Sells.  They are very expensive if you buy them pre made.   They are very efficient for giving you seating in a small space.

 Terry and his handy tools will convert the inexpensive Ikea pieces into the frame for the banquette.

 I hope to find some pretty fabric and make the back and seats for this piece.

I have had this office chair for a 100 years!!!!  Ok maybe 5 years! 
Seems like a 100 with the wear and tear it has taken. 
I really love the chair so I did not want to replace it with a new chair. 

It is broken in nicely for comfort and chippy just the way I like!!!

I decided to tear off the old and used fabric and low and behold the padding underneath is still good.

I will go out today and see what kind of fabric I can find to make this chair pretty again.

I will cover the pads with the fabric and use a staple gun and maybe a glue gun ( I know Benita the dreaded glue gun might have to come out!!!)
 to put the pads back in place.

Then finish off the piece around the edges with some piping.  Since I do not sew I hope this plan will all work.

I will hopefully,  fingers crossed and not glued to each other,  have a nice finished chair to show you.

Have a great start to the new week. 

I am not even going to whine about our low temps and snow snow snow.  It is what it is!!! No surprise this is happening here in the midwest.

Makes me think though I need to be a southern girl and not a northern girl!!!!

These winter DIY's help me through the winter months. 
I have some early spring cleaning of closets to start while the weather is crappy too. 

Just would rather have fun creating some new pieces.