Happy New Week

I have been asked to have my Christmas Decor from last year published in an upcoming Magazine.   I was going through my Christmas decor from a year ago and it brought back such wonderful memories of our last Christmas in Junk Chic Cottage II.

I will let you know when this gets published.

In the meantime I am working on the Living Room Space and I got a treasure today that I am going to re love for the living room.  I cannot wait to show you how this wonderful piece comes out.

This is the original piece I was going to pick up today.  The lady had this pretty cabinet for sale.  $40.  I need a small armoire cabinet for the Living Room in the new house.   I thought that Terry and his handy tools might be able to make this piece work.  Maybe some chunky legs to bring it up a little bit.  The size was perfect for the space.  It looks bigger in the picture but in reality it was only 28 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

We drove down with every intention of getting this piece.  When we got there this lady had a treasure trove of beautiful pieces of furniture in her garage.  

Of course I just meandered into her garage for a little lookie do!

I spied this piece and she told me if I like this piece better I could have it for $50.  It was perfect and solid oak.  I almost could not get it in my car fast enough.

I thought is this women crazy this piece is beautiful and for $10 bucks more I do not have to do anything to it.  Well maybe sand it and decide to leave it wood or do a paint texture to it! Still nothing had to be added.  SCORE!

This sweet TV cabinet was a beauty and still small enough for the space.  I will have pictures soon of the transformation of this sweet piece.  Gotta love when you find a bargain like this.

Have a great new week.