Laundry Room

 I have gotten so many emails asking about my laundry room. You know Laundry is like death and taxes it is going to happen so why not have a space that is pleasant to do laundry in.  That is my feeling anyway.  So I thought I would update you with some newer pictures of my laundry room so you can see the changes.  Thanks for all your interest in my laundry room.
Here is one of the laundry room off my kitchen. I love this room to do laundry in it is bright and sunny with  a big window.

My husband made this cabinet over the washer and dryer for me and used old vintage washboards for cabinet doors. Lot's of storage.

I took an old sewing spool and added an old crystal door knob to the end and hung my old vintage laundry hangers on it.  My friend had given me this old magnetic wash board for my birthday.

I got the corner coat hanger post from my trip last year to Junk Bonanza .  Of course I have an old chippy door you know me and my love of old chippy doors in the decor!!!! I hung an old wire basket for storage.

My new folding table that the hubby built for me and then I added the skirt.  I do not sew so I was thrilled when I could use these drape panels for a skirt.

This door hides my ugly water heater and provides some storage.

Another easy window treatment for those of you like me that cannot sew!!! I took burlap and just played with it and bunched it at the corners and used a staple gun!!! Yep a staple gun.  The little valance underneath is one I got at Bed Bath and Beyond and I added an old lace scarf to it.  Then I had some flower brooches that I added to the corners of the burlap.  So see you can do cute window treatments and not know how to sew!!!!
A close up of the no sew burlap window treatment.

Old vintage ironing board I got at the flea market for $20.  I love that it still has the directions on how to use the ironing board still on it.

This was the light fixture I bought at Lowe's.  It was all black and I painted it cream and then added the light burlap and flowers to the jars.  I love that this light fixture came like this and it can also fit the vintage Ball jars.

I found the burlap covers and flowers on Etsy and just hot glue gunned them to the jars. I am collecting old Ball jars to swap these out eventually.  These were just plain jars they had on the light fixture and I embellished them with the burlap and flowers.  I love the fact that the old Mason and Ball jars can fit this fixture. So I am collecting really unique ones to eventually replace these.

Up close shot of the old wooden sewing spool made into a hanger rack.

I added old vintage and newer baskets to the walls and put in my old vintage pillows made out of old pillow cases inside for some soft bling to the walls.

I got this old wash bucket ringer awhile back at a flea market and just love it up on the shelf.

My newest addition to the laundry room is this old vintage door that I replaced the window with chalk board.  My husband and his talents made this old chippy door work in this space.  Ohhhhh I just love the vintage feel of this old door.

Now I can add whimsy to the laundry room too!!!

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Door Hoarder Alert!!!! Ha ha!!!! I just was at Vintage one of my favorite shops this week end and tucked in the corner with a lot of stuff hanging off her, there she was a chippy old door whispering to me, well actually yelling for me to come look at her!!!!!

I needed another old chippy door like I needed another hole in my head but once I laid eyes on her I was smitten and the price was great too.  So I brought her home with every intention of putting her into my office area.  Well.........

That vision did not work out so well.  So while I was wondering what I was going to do with this chippy little beauty I saw the door in my laundry room to the storage room was needing a little update.  So I got the hubby to take some measurements and of course my new chippy door was not going to fit, too big but the hubby said no problem I have tools!!!!! Love a man with tools and who knows how to use them!!!!! So he shaved off some of the door and rebuilt it some and now it fits perfectly in where the old door was.

This is the door I had.  Just a stock door that leads from my mudd room into a storage room.  I had hung the old vintage ironing table I got awhile back on this door.

Here is the "new" old chippy door.  Her window was busted out and they had an old piece of plastic in the window so my hubby got some MDF board that was already painted with chalk board paint.  I did not know you could get these already painted with chalk board paint.  So that saved me having to paint the MDF board.

I love this new old door with the chalk board.  Gives a more vintage fun feel to the laundry room. 

I re hung the old vintage ironing board on the wall near the window.

I re hung my old vintage hangers and door knob hanger on this wall.  So it is all good I found new homes for the stuff that was on the original door.

I am loving my new door.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for his talents in making my visions work.  I love the history this piece has and love the character it gives to the laundry/mud room.
Hope you have a great week.  Thanks for visiting.

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Glamping!!!! I have been searching for the perfect vintage "canned ham" camper for awhile.  I still have not captured one to own yet but I am determined to someday be able to be among the Glamping Crowd.  I have never been one to camp you know too many bugs and no air conditioning but..........
If I could find the perfect little vintage trailer I may reconsider camping and become a glamper!!!! I really want to find one of these little sweet cans of yummyness to put in my backyard to fix up cute.  Until then I thought I would share some pictures of some that got away from me or are hopefully in my future.

Most of the pictures are via blogs and pinterest!!!!

cute vintage trailer
Home Sweet Home is cute Pink. :)
Pink camping fun
Another pink cutie.

Gotta love a cute bike.
polka dot camper cuteness
This is one of my fav's that I pinned.  The polka dots are crazy cute on this one.
rachel ashwell 12
Ohhhhhh my kind of camping.

If this does not yell me, I don't know what will.  Shabby white chic glamper!!!! Woooooo Hoooooo love this.
cute colors
Love the teal green so bright and cheery.

Does it get cuter?!?
Another bike, oh this one speaks to me.
Tooo cute!!!!
Nancy's Vintage Trailers: A Fellow Bloggers Trailer.... Oh so Cute!!

how cute is this!
Do you like a little French glamping?  Here you go.
Gotta love a sun room off the glamper!!!!!

great colors
This is just too adorable with the colors and polka dots. Love this!!!

Love the interior of this vintage trailer
Another cream and white style. Love this home away from home for me!!
One of my friends that I go junkin with named her minivan Betsy and little Betsy used to take us on many fun and always eventful treasure/junk hunts so seeing this brought back memories.
71 Layton Trailer.
Love the sunny yellow interior to match the yellow exterior.

Gotta love an office inside your glamper.
travel trailer
How about this for 4th of July camping.
Oh So Lovely Vintage
Girls gone Glamping!!!!!
Glamping Getaways
Now this is the way to stay in a tent!!!!!
Cath Kidston Trailer/ Caravan - her home office!
Just makes me smile. How fun!!!!
Christmas Glamping.  Love this.the fancy farmgirl vintage christmas trailer
truck & gracie
Gotta have a sweet truck to pull your glamper!!!!

Aren't these the sweetest little chairs ever.

The fancy farm girl blog
What Chickens get to have a Glamper before me!!!!!!
Trailer Trash Happy Camper Vintage Pinup by signsandsalvage, $18.00
Well until I find my dream trailer and become a Happy Camper.  I can look at all the inspiration on pinterest.
Hope you all had a great Holiday week end and I wish you a great start to the new week ahead.