Powder Room Spruce Up

Hi Everyone.  Hope your week is going well.

I got home from my mom's in Florida and the treatment she will begin with the Cancer Center  sounds very encouraging.  Thank you for all your powerful prayers and good wishes.  So appreciated.

As you know we had a whirlwind moving into this place and getting almost every room painted and updated in less than a month.  So we quickly went through a lot of the rooms.  I have my powder room on the first level and we painted and hung some of my chippy pieces, but I still was not real happy with it.

I did not like the builder model faux marble sink and backsplash in this powder room bath.  Terry has some butcher block pieces of wood in the garage so I asked him if he could make some kind of new counter top for the vanity out of the wood. He said why yes I can!!!!! So awesome this man!

So here is the before shots:

Little Cooper photo bomber watching my every move as I took pics of the powder room.

Here is the sink top.  Just a builder faux marble beige sink top and they took some pieces to make the backsplash.

Nothing exciting about this vanity top.  I really did not like the color.  The vanity top had a darker cream color with lots of yellow.  Just did not like it against my light gray walls and chippy whites in there.

Here is how it looked this morning after taking down the back splash and counter top.  You can see the damage to the walls where the back splash pieces were.

I was hoping to show you the reveal today but with the damage to the walls we are needing to do a little more repair than expected.  Lots of spackle and sanding involved!

Terry has been working on that task and so far so good.  

We are taking off to spend a couple of days at my daughters to watch these two angels.  Abby is excited that we will be having a sleep over at her house.

We only live about 20 minutes from them but my SIL is working a 48 hour shift at the fire department and my daughter is working two very long days starting tomorrow.  So it will be easier if we just move in there for a few days to watch the girls.

Abby already has games lined up and movies to watch at the sleep over party.

I promise we will get back to this bathroom Saturday and I hope to have pictures up on Sunday or Monday to show you the reveal.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.
Hugs to all of you and again thank you so much for the best wishes and prayers for my mom.