Dingy to Pretty

Happy First Week of The New Year!!!!

I had my great grandmother's cedar chest up stairs in my bedroom and decided it might need a new home down in the living room.

I know a lot of you understand the switch-r-roo's of changing pieces up!!!
Love this cedar chest of my great grandmother's.  It is just so old that it has yellowed over the past few years.  No problem I have white paint lol!!!! Yep, I definitely have white paint on hand in Junk Chic Cottage!!!!

I kept the paint light on the brush and just lightly brushed the paint onto the chest.  I still wanted the chippy to show through.  Just wanted to whiten and brighten her a bit.

I am  happy with pure white with a touch of texture added in my decor.  Just wish I could capture the whites a little better with the ole camera!!!!  While the pictures come out a little washed the room is serene and pretty in white. 

Before I say Good Bye.  I wanted to share a sweet little basket I got from Santa  for my throws.  Love finding little gifts like this under the tree.  No precious jewels for me Santa.  Just give me a sweet little throw basket and I am a happy girl!

Have a great start to the new year.  Wishing all of you soooo much happiness and inspiration in the new year.