Cottage Kitchen

Hello sweet blogging friends.
Another week almost over.  
Time is really going by quickly.  Fall is beginning to show it is on its way.
I am sad to see summer leave.

 Ugly tree to the left.  Almost all the way dead.  Long branches with long annoying needles. 

This poor cottage home was a rental before we bought it.  She needed someone to buy her and make her pretty again.

This tree needed to come down. 
I am not one that likes to cut down anything in nature especially a tree that has been there a long time. 
Since it was almost all the way gone it needed to come down.
All it did was left branches and long dead needles everywhere when the wind blew or we had a rain storm.

I almost became a day drinker when I saw them climbing this tree to cut huge branches to come tumbling to the ground!!!! 
They were very careful and did not hit my new picket fence thank you very much!!!

It is all down and into the chipper. 
We want to replace the old tree with something new. 
I am thinking something that flowers.
The grass needs some help.
Again with this being a rental nothing was well cared for.

Ok now onto the kitchen.

I found this lovely french bench on FB Market Place for a steal.  Guess what I am keeping it in the pretty wood.  No white paint on this pretty.

It looks sweet with my old french window.

We added a new dishwasher.

This kitchen is a work in progress.  As soon as that window is replaced with a new one,
 and I find a new farmhouse sink and possibly new counter top I will share that with you.

Terry put in new flooring to cover the old cracked ceramic tiles that were pinky beige from the 70's!
Love these new floating floors that look like real wood.  They go right over your existing flooring so you do not have to be making a huge project mess removing the old floor.

I was going to do open shelves and I still might do that but for now I need these cabinets for storage.

I made a little coffee area on the other side of the kitchen near the refrigerator.

The pantry that Terry built for me gives me more storage and a coat closet and place for our shoes and boots.  Ugh! a necessary evil with living in the midwest!

This is my first indoor plant that has not died on me.  I am good with outdoor plants but indoor not so much.

When I got this it was in a tiny pot and very little.  Look at her now.  I transplanted it into a bigger pot and she is growing like crazy.

Well that is my kitchen progress so far.  I have more I want to do in this space but I need to give it some more time with all the other projects in the works.

I hope to do more in the winter months when I  am shut in the house.

Right now we are working on the outside as much as we can before winter sets in.

Hard to believe we have been here only a couple of months.  We really have accomplished quite a bit.

Working on the office area next.
Have a great weekend.

White PIcket Fence

Hello Everyone.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  

Terry and I worked to get the picket fence put in out front of the house.

With moving in July it is hard to do too much to the outside of the house for this year.  

I wanted to show you my pinned ideas for a white picket fence and arbor.  
The inspiration pictures below are from Pinterest.

Then I can show you what we accomplished with our white picket fence and arbor.

I love this white picket with the cornflowers.  Cornflowers remind me of ballet dancers with their tutu's. 
I call them the ballerina's of the garden.

Lots going on with this white picket fence.
 Lots of color and varieties.

I feel the fence gets lost.

However the flowers are gorgeous.

This one with the Brown Eyed Susan's mixed in with day lilies .  So pretty.

A nice sweet little arbor and entry gate to this adorable home.  I hope my arbor will fill in by next Spring and Summer.

This arbor with the double gate and painted birdhouse is really pretty.

This is my inspiration for my white picket fence.
I love this look and hope to accomplish this look for my yard.

I want to get roses to climb on my arbor.

This inspiration picture reminds me of an old english garden.  So pretty and full.

I had to sneak this old English fence in just because it was cute.

Now here is the start to my picket fence.

I put a little wicker flower basket out on the gate.  I can see lots of fun things to hang on this gate for the holidays.
We added the arbor and then attached the gate to the fence so it swings open.  It will be fun to get something growing up the arbor come Spring next year.

 I planted on both sides of the fence. 

This way when it all fills in it will be thick and plush. 
Plus when I look outside I want to see the pretty too.

At this point and  it being so late in the season we will keep the fence just one section on each side going up into the yard. 

We can always add more in the Spring.

We planted double pink climbing roses.

With it being so late in the season I was surprised I could find a lot of perennials still available.

 Everything we put in should bloom until the first frost. 
Let's pray that does not come too quick.

I put in Shasta Daisies.

That big ugly dead tree to the left of your screen is being removed on Wednesday.  Not only are we happy to see the dead tree go so our my neighbors that have those thorny branches constantly all over their driveway.

I will have fun with this arbor and fence this Christmas with garland and lights. 
I will plant something that will climb up the arbor and over the top in the Spring.

The white picket fence plus some planting is in for the rest of what summer and fall we have. 

I cannot wait for it all to fill in next Spring and Summer. 

Hopefully at some point my picket fence will look like the one below.
Have a great start to the new week.