The Antique Market was this Sunday near my home so the my husband and I took a ride.  Glad we did. It ended up being a nice day and all my fav shops were at this market.

I got this chippy little birdhouse for my dining room table.

It was so chippy and sweet and only $10 so that came home with me.

Just loved it shape and chippiness.

Found some sweet little jars with vintage bling and some old mason jars with the flower tops for sweet little vases.

My biggest score was this beach bungalow sign for the guest room.

It got this sweet sign from Mary at Urban Farm Girl. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the booths but I did not have my camera :( 
Mary's booth was adorable. It was all decked out in Americana.  I think she said she would be posting on her blog some pictures so check it out.  The girls from Tattered Tiques had a really cute booth at the show too.

I am loving my new beach bungalow sign.

Just a fun little sign to hang on my old chippy shutters.  It was a great show with lots of great vendors.  It was super hot but there was a breeze and everyone was under tents so it was really nice to shop.

Just a short little post on my found treasures from Sunday. Hope your week is going great.

I have always wanted a pretty cottage front door. After pinning many beautiful painted cottage front doors off pinterest I took the plunge!!!!!

I debated and could not make up my mind on two colors.  I had a teal blue picked out and a sunny yellow.  My gut was telling me go with the sunny yellow.  I have always wanted a yellow front door and the practical side of me was saying go with the teal blue.  It will match all my cottage summer decor on the porch and it will be better looking for the door in winter.

So the hubby and I went to Home Depot and while he was off looking for a few things I still had some time to ponder the color.  Let me say the hubby was not real thrilled about painting the wood door since it matched the garage door.  He reluctantly agreed to go ahead and paint the door. 

So while I was walking around Home Depot trying to decide on my color choice for the door I happened upon a front door in the clearance aisle at Home Depot. 

Hmmmm I thought I think I may just have a solution to my delima that will make the hubby happy too.  So I thought hey this clearance door looks really cottage and is cheap and I could paint that the yellow to give me a great little summer cottage door and then I would not have to paint the wood door and could re hang that in the winter.  Brilliant!!!! So I was feeling better about painting a cottage front door.

When I still was debating on the color for the new front door.   I asked anyone that would give me an opinion and of course everyone was torn between the two colors too. Not much help there. 

It actually was pretty funny because I hung the two colors on my door and stood out on the grass and stared at them like they would some how talk to me.  About three sets of walkers came by and pretty soon there were six of us standing on the front grass staring at the two colors I had hanging on the door. Half the walkers were saying definitely the yellow with the flowers and it will pop more and of course 50% saying no go with the teal to match the decor!!!! So no help there I was still stuck!!!! That is when we went to Home Depot!

So I just went with my gut on this and chose the yellow.  I wanted a summer yellow door since I saw this on a really cute lake home last summer.  I wanted a more cottage welcome at the front door!  So here is the process we did and the finish look.
Here is my front door and I put up my two picks to see which one I might like better.

Do you see where the teal was so great with all the decor but I still was liking the way the yellow was brighter and popped a little more. It also was a cloudy rain filled day so I think I was liking the soft and bright color of sunny yellow!!! So I let that sway me a little bit too.

Clearance Door!!!!!

Here's a little DIY tip.  Add this stuff to your paint and you will never get brush marks.  Helps the paint to seal to the door too.

I love Behr paint won't use anything else.  This is their exterior paint with primer.  Even though it has primer in it we still primed the door just so the paint would really take to the fiberglass door.

New black door accessories.

Now I have my cottage yellow front door and the wood door is stored to go back up in the winter.  I love having this clearance door so I can change up the color whenever I want.  Next year if I go with another color theme on my porch I can always change up the color on the door.  For now I like the summer sunny yellow.
Have a great week.

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