It feels like Spring here in Chicago Land!!!! Wooooo Hooooo I have the windows open and the birds are singing and I even heard the hubby run the lawn mower.  Soooooo Excited to hear those things and smell the fresh air.

I did some Spring cleaning in my office today and I thought I would show you some pictures.  Then I am off to the yard to start to get some of my stuff set up for flowers hopefully in a few weeks.

Have a beautiful day!!! Hope you are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

I got this chippy stair post from Grays Lake Flea Market a few weeks ago from Jeanine at her Chippy Shabby Booth.  I fell in love with this piece the minute I set eyes on it.  I brought it home not knowing what I would do with it but it was so chippy and calling to me.
I was thinking outside in the garden somewhere this summer and then it hit me!!!! I have been trying to section off my office in the back of the house from the dining room and I think this is perfect.   I was thinking about some kind of old doors and making a wall as a divider but that would really cut off my light so I think this little chippy rail does the trick.

This space in the back of the house was all closed off and a closet when we moved in.  I hated that it cut off the light of that window and I did not want to take up one of my small bedrooms to make an office so this space seemed perfect for my office.  It is bright and open.

Remember that old kitchen cabinet I got out of an old 100 year old tear down.  I love it in my office for storage.  You know how I love to re love things back into my home.

My little storage bins are perfect to keep all my magazines and decor books.

I love an old gate and this one works perfect above my desk for hanging my "junk" on!!

I loved this old vintage desk that a bought a long time ago at an estate sale and it was chippy  for that time worn look.

Now I feel like just adding the stair rail gives the room some division from the rest of the space.  I still cannot believe that space was a closet at one time.  Too ugly and blocked the window.  I think it makes a better office.

I spruced up the old mantel area.  I also got this chippy fun old window from Jeanine at Grays Lake Flea.  I had the hubby hang it for me in between the mantel opening.  I think it brings some character to that open space.  Don't you love the old architectural feature of the wood inside the window.

Spruced up the table setting on the dining room table.

Even added some more spring to the bike.  Moved my wellies and garden hat to the bike.  Just feels a little more spring like now.

Well I am off to the outside.  Wow it was great to hear the lawn mower going today.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass!!!! I will post my outside spruce up soon.  Have a great week end.

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Good Morning. Wednesday the half way mark of the week!!! I spent yesterday moving my youngest daughter into her new digs. Man I am getting to old for this stuff!!  Every one of my muscles are feeling it today.

I have two daughters and my youngest (25 years old hey!! when did that happen?!!!) just landed a great job as an RN on an oncology floor so she has been temporarily living with us until she got settled into her new job and could find a cute apartment to move into. So for the past months she has lived back home with us and I have loved having her home.  It is hard when your adult children move back in especially for them but we all knew it was temporary and I have loved having her here. Our empty nest was full for a little while.

Now that she has moved into her own digs I am contemplating what to do with my guest bedroom.  I cleared a lot of the lake cottage theme out while my daughter was living in there so she could feel like she had her own space.  Now I am not sure if I want to change it back to a Lake Room or do something different in there.    I would rather be doing projects outside but with our crummy weather I guess I will redo the guest room.

Here are some pics of how it looks now.  My daughter took her tempur pedic bed out with her so now I need to find a new bed.

Not sure what I will do in there yet??? Lake theme or no lake theme?

One sure thing is my beautiful angel hanging on the old chippy door will stay.  She keeps good watch over our guests.

Old chippy door.  I may convert that door into a headboard.

My lakeside cottage rental sign and the hole in between the suitcases and sign was where my daughters TV was.

Thinking of maybe relocating the old garden gate somewhere else and maybe even painting it.

I think my old farmhouse mailbox will stay no matter what motif I decide to do in there.  Love that old chippy mail box. Such character.

PS..... I wanted to show you the bike I scored at Junk Bonanza last week.  I am in the process of painting this for my garden.  I can't wait to fill her basket with some lovely flowers this summer.

Well my friends.  I am off to Home Goods to see if a bed set from there might inspire me to which direction to go with the guest room.
I asked the hubby to Spackle where I take the stuff down off the walls today so not sure if I will paint the same color or change.
Stay tuned!!!!
Have a great rest of the week.

I have to give a little shout out to Sara at Sweet Magnolia Farms. She makes the cutest stuff as some of you know from her lovely farmer's market tote that she gave to me for my giveaway.  Everything she does is done with such love and talent.  If you have not seen her blog or this wonderful giveaway you must jump over that and enter and check out her lovely blog and Etsy shop.  I am so lovin this ball jar give away.  She has more than one way to get a chance to get in on this one it is a good one!!!!!

Good Luck.  It is a sweet giveaway.
Have a great week.