Evolving Door

Hello Everyone.

Remember how I dreamed of a beautiful mirror for my entry way.

This was the fabulous Mirror in a shop I frequent.  It would look so awesome in my home but was way out of my budget for this piece.

So the solution was to have Terry make me a entry way mirror out of old salvage pieces and a great old door we already had.
It was a beautiful piece he created.

My problem was that it just did not seem right and did not make my heart beat a little faster like the one in the shop.

I just could not get that great mirror from the shop off my mind.

Then we added a beautiful saying to help give this entry way mirror a little more character.
I thought this would help me fall in love with this beautiful piece and I could get the mirror in the shop off my mind.

Nope! even with the new saying put on this piece it still did not feel right!

Terry said ok lets just get the mirror in the shop and we can make this piece work someplace else.  

I love that he was open to getting that beautiful mirror for me.

 I just could not see spending that kind of money  on that mirror even with loving it so much.

Plus Terry put a lot of work into this piece which made it special.   I was really torn.

While Terry was trying to rent a truck to go to buy the shop mirror,  I literally sat and stared at the piece in my entry and thought what is it about this piece that is not letting me like it as much as the mirror in the shop?

Then it hit me!!!! 

I told Terry forget about trying to find a truck to rent!   I think I figured out what was missing to make me love this mirror as much as the shop mirror.  So.........
I said to Terry what if we make it a full length mirror like the shop mirror?  Do you think you could re work some of these pieces to make that happen.  He said Yes I think I can!!!!  I love those words "I think I can"!!!!!

So as you can see above he made the opening for the mirror bigger and full length.

This is it in the rough stages.  He took out the corner window pieces and used some filler wood pieces to make this work.

I loved those corner pieces and wanted to make sure we could keep those.

I loved it already in its rough form before paint and the mirror going in.

Here it is the "new door/mirror" with the full length mirror. 
I will be putting my Christmas tree in front of this mirror. 
I think it will look pretty here.

Finally the ever evolving door/mirror is done and I love it!!!!

Wish the sun would come out to get better pictures.  It has been snowing and cloudy here in Illinois.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.