Living Room Reveal

Yeah!!!! finally have the living room put together to show you.  It is still a work in progress with me changing things up in here but you can see how the living room is coming along.

I stayed with my neutral love.  Dove grey, whites and a little cream.  The wallpaper added a little yellow into the cottage style living room.

I am so happy I had a wall big enough in this tiny home for the old farmhouse window I had in the old house.  This is my favorite chippy piece.    Peggy was assisting with this picture!!

I took some old end tables my daughter had in her basement and painted them white and added old chippy door knobs to this door.  You know how I love to recycle old things into new things!

My chippy old arch window fit in this space perfectly.

My bargain armoire I just re loved fits nicely in the living room space.
My old french window found a place.

My great grandmothers old cedar chest is now my coffee table in the new house.  Back in the day when you got engaged to be married you would get a Lane cedar chest.  Then you would use these cedar lined chests to add gifts, new linens etc. to bring into your marriage.  This usually was the first piece of furniture you brought into your home after you were married too. 
So there is a peek at the new living room in Junk Chic Cottage III

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


Fall has arrived!

 I have been concentrating on the DIY's and where to put my regular decor in the new house,  I did not do much decorating for fall.  Mostly just the outside as you saw in my last post. 

 I thought I share a few decor pics from my past fall decor.

My favorite decor has always been neutral and peaceful.

Enjoy these few pics from my past fall decor.

  Hoping to get all the DIY's done in this new  home so I can show you the rooms before the holidays hit!  I just have had so much family stuff on the weekends that things are slow to get done.  My handyman is back to long days at work during the week.  This just leaves the weekends for us to get things done.  

I have these sweet garden boots with fall flowers on my porch at the new house this year.

Cooper last year loved the sun streaming in the windows.  Oh how he loved to bask in the sunshine for long naps.

I miss sweet Cooper but now Peggy is filling that void in our hearts.  Rest in peace sweet Coop.  Miss you buddy.

  I love seeing the cute little witch mouse that Judy from Gold Country Cottage sent me.

Wishing you all a great new week ahead.  Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me on some of my past fall decor.

 Fall has finally arrived here in Illinois.
Happy Fall.