As my cabin fever house tour continues we are moving on from my bedrooms and now I will show you my Office area.  I really love this space.  In the back of the little ranch we live in the previous owners put on an addition.  This back area in the addition was all closed up as a closet and we have plenty of other storage in this house so I wanted to make it into a office area.  It was wasted space in the back, that is why maybe the previous owners made it a closet but I had bigger vision for this space and I now use this space as my office. It opens up the window and lets a lot of light into the room.  It is always bright and sunny and a quiet space to work in.  This is where the blogging happens!!!!!
This space next to my desk is where my husband hung an old chippy cabinet we got at the flea market. I store a lot of my vintage clocks and decor books and just cute stuff in these cabinets. The bottom bins under the cabinet we made for storage of some of my tags, ribbons etc.  They are just bins I painted white and numbered and then took a curtain rod and hung them on there.  The ends are just old door knobs for the vintage feel.  You know how I love history incorporated into my designs.

Do you see that lovely window that was closed up when the closet went across this space.  Crazy if you ask me to close up a window.   My husband framed out that window with a crown he made out of old doors and then he framed the sides of the windows with some old chippy posts we had gotten at the flea market in Elkhorn Wisconsin last year.  I love the statement above the window it is my motto "Live, Love, Junk".  Oh so true.
My chair is just a simple white parson chair that I put some bling on.  I wish I could sew but unfortunately I do not so I added this lace trim with Velcro strips so I can take this off when I wash the slipcover on this chair.  The flower and burlap just added some more bling.  Gotta Love bling!!!!!

I love that I have a lot of storage in this small area to hide all my "junk"!! I got that Queen sign at Junk Bonanza last fall in Minnesota.  Loved the saying so had to have that in my office!
My dress form that I scored from Home Goods on the clearance for $20.  Smiled all the way home from Home Goods after finding that lovely treasure.  I hang my totes and flowers  and pins on this dress form treasure.

Here is another shot of the chippy cabinet and my bins in the office area.  I also have that cute pillow that says cottage office from Cindy at cute pink things.  She makes the cutest pillows.
I love that I can throw weird odds and ends in those baskets.

This is my one of my very favorite treasures.  This old wire dress form I got in a cute little shop years ago.  It is made out of chicken wire and the old stand and hanger it is made onto is from the old Hilton hotel in Chicago.  Again love the history these pieces have. Makes them special to me.  The lady in the shop had necklaces and jewelry hanging on this and I asked her if it were for sale and she hesitated for a minute and then said I guess I could sell it to you if you really want it!!!! Really want it!!! I almost could not contain my poker face or excitement to see what the price was going to be.  She said $50 and you can have her.  I was so thrilled and said wrap her up she is coming home with me. I hurried out of the shop with my treasure before the shop owner could change her mind!!! I think it was a steal and now one of my most prized treasures. I smile every time I look at her.  I use her to hang cards and papers and notes on.

Some more of my storage of magazines!!!! Tons of magazines are found throughout my home.  This hand painted love letters box I have had for years now hold all the lovely magazines.
This wine rack I made into another storage unit for magazines. Easy peasy just sparkled it up with some spray paint and it now is a magazine rack. I love that is it metal and I can hook on cute vintage magnets etc.
Another chippy treasure I have had for years that has old wire baskets for storage of my magazines too. After these last few pictures of my magazine storage I am thinking maybe I need a magazine intervention!!!! I have a little attraction (addiction) to magazines.  I think they call this hoarding!!!!! Oh well guilty!! Even with pinterest and all the wealth of pictures on there I still love to thumb through a good decor magazine.
Hope you are enjoyed the tour of my office.  Stay tuned more rooms to come in the next few days.
I am moving on to the next room (s) reveal as I clean and rearrange things. In the last post you saw the master bedroom my sanctuary. Now I will show you my two other bedrooms I made into guest rooms since my two daughters are out on their own now. I love to have nice comfy duvets and fluffy pillows for my guests when they come to stay. I want them to have their own sanctuary when they come for a visit.

Here are my two guest rooms.

This is one of my guest rooms that I did a lake cottage theme.  We live in a lake town so I wanted one of my guest rooms to reflect this.  I have a lot of my signature white and cream but did add some punches of blue color.  After all you think of pretty blues when you think lake.
Old gate that I got for a steal at the Kane County Flea market last summer.  Could see that gate being on an old lake cottage fence.
This room always available for guests.

Just some more Lake motif.
One of my fav old pieces of history.  This old white chippy mail box right off the farm.
Chippy old lake cottage rental sign I got in a small shop in Wisconsin.  Had to have that in my lake room.  Still looking for a clever way to hide the TV in my guest room. I am hoping to eventually find a nice little cabinet that makes a statement.
Can't go wrong with an old chippy ladder to display lake cottage decor.
Old door hanging on the wall with different hooks for hanging.  This door actually came off an old beach front cottage. Love the history of these pieces and how they fit into my decor.

Some of the pictures on my post are from my friend Stacey at Cottage Industry Interiors.  She takes the best pictures.  Check out her blog too.  Her home was just featured in the new Flea Market Decor magazine.  She has an adorable house.  Stacey took some pictures back last summer for an upcoming feature for my home. Thanks Stacey for your beautiful pictures of my home.
I love that this bedroom faces West so when the sun starts to set in the late afternoon it is so pretty so had to hang that chippy sunset drive sign above the window!
Old beach pail stacked full of different fun magazines for my guests.
Ok on to guest bedroom #2.  This is my chippy shabby room. Oh what is that outside that window??!! Flowers ohhh can't wait to see those again. With the wind chill below zero today I am so dreaming of my garden and flowers to come.

Used old gates for headboards on the twin beds in this room. Love old gates as headboards.  White chippy chair from Ikea and the lovely ruffle drapes from Target.

Love that I could find a place for these old vintage white frames I had for a long time.  I love the feel they give to this room.  They tell a story all in themselves.

Love my little shabby vintage cottage for rent sign.
Next is my guest hall bathroom.
I used alot of cream and white in this bathroom.
Thanks for coming by for the 2nd part of the cabin fever home tour. More rooms to come so stay tuned.

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Open House Tour: Cabin Fever

"Baby it's cold outside" so I am staying inside and having some cabin fever so I  thought I would do a little blogging with room tours.  Since I have been taking each day and deep cleaning and rearranging things for a new fresh " new year" look I thought I would post some of my home with you every couple of days as I get the rooms done.
 I am going to start with my Master Bedroom as the first room I show you.  This is a close up of my headboard that my wonderful husband made for me out of old vintage doors.  He framed them and then used crown molding to finish them.  I love that these hung in old homes and saw many family members and friends pass through them. Love the history in things!!!!

Old chippy post my husband made into a jewelry hanger. Used old door knobs for the hangers. Love this again that history is re purposed into my home.
Old vintage fencing made into a chandelier and then old telephone wire insulator bulbs that hold candles.  I got this little treasure at Tattered Tiques.  Makes for a very romantic bedroom.

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I find total peace in here. Love my ipad on the night stand.  I find total peace(ha ha!) at night looking at blogs and of course pinterest when I get into bed!!!!!
My little ipad on the night stand awaiting my arrival!!! I need to find some kind of cute little ipad holder for that. The phone too why can't they make those things cute??!! At least my reading glasses have a cute vintage vase girl to hold them.

No cottage bedroom is complete without a basset hound.  Libby likes to be in the pictures.  I said ok since she matches the decor!!!!!!
My old armoire that hides the TV and my old white vintage suitcases and old chippy shabby chair. I hung new drapes on this window as you can see in the picture above. These striped ones are gone and replaced with the burlap and ruffle ones above.

Love this old chippy folding chair that I found in the garbage. That is right someone threw out this lovely chippy sweetie!   I have no shame in garbage picking and re purposing beauties like these.

Cottage master bathroom suite off the master bedroom. I love that this bathroom had enough space for a make up table.

 This shows one of the chandeliers that hang in this bathroom with lampshades.  I took them off for a more simple look as you will see in the next few pictures.

Old chippy stand found it's way into this bathroom.

I love chandeliers hung in the bathroom for pretty lighting.
Old chippy arched window
  out of an old church.  Again lots of history. It gives a statement all by itself. Round mirror from Home Goods and the skinny sink and cabinet was from Home Depot that I painted  white and distressed it.  I wish the milk paint was out before I did this piece.  It would have probably been easier to get the chippy look with milk paint then painting and sanding.

We have a double shower in this master suite. I hung two shower curtains over the glass doors for a more cottage and less modern feel.

That was my master bedroom suite  and bath where I find comfort and peace each evening.  The sun comes into this room all the day and the picture window looks out to the garden in the back.  I love this room especially in the summer months.  Every couple of days I will post another room as I continue through my deep cleaning and rearranging of each room.  So stay tuned!!!!

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Just a fun treasure find post today.  I was at the Grayslake Flea Market a few week ends ago.  It is an inside market so it was great to get a little treasure hunting during the colder weather.  I have a few fav boths I love to visit.  One of them is Jeanine from Chippy Shabby.  She usually has some awesome treasures I can't live without.  She is also so so sweet you will just love to spend time in her booth. I have found several of the treasures you see in my home from her.  Check out her blog too for more info about her and upcoming places she will be.

Now for my wonderful find.

As some of you may know I am a registered nurse and do love old medical treasures from the past.  I found this great leather doctors bag at the flea market.
It has alot of the old time blood pressure equipment and first aid books and supplies.  This little chippy even came with the key and it works!

On the inside of the first aid book it is marked house calls and dates from 1942.  Love that some doctor made house calls with this kit back when doctors did that!!

I have this in my laundry room on the shelf right now but will find a good place for it soon.  I just love to find things like this with history. Only $30 dollars and it was mine.  This bag is in great shape for being as old as it is.
Here are some more pictures of my laundry room I added to this post tonight.

I love this old chippy door and found this cute wire basket at the flea market in the summer.
I love the light that comes into this laundry room since we re did it.  The washer and dryer use to block this window so was really happy to move it down and open up that window.


Just a fun little post today and an update.  Some of you have been asking me what happened to the light fixture I had in my dining room before the flip of rooms.  Well I found a new home for it in my laundry room.  I have been doing some deep cleaning with it being so cold and rearranging some of my decor in rooms as I clean.  Today I did my laundry room. 

This is a picture of the light fixture I had up there until I put the mason jar chandelier up.  I love this one too but I will find a new home for it.  I just think the mason jar chandelier gives better light in this room.

My husband re hung the chandelier I had in the dining room into the laundry room after the flip.  I am liking it's new home.

Found some more vintage laundry baskets to hang on the walls.

Glad I could find a new home for this chandelier since I really loved it so much. This room is a cheery room to do the dreaded laundry.  Makes it easier to do!!!  Thanks  for coming by.