New Table Update

Hi Everyone.
Finally got the table to the right size for the room!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures of the new table.

This is the table that Terry made out of the old table legs and our $15 dollar bargain Windsor chairs we found in Michigan.  They were black and we painted them gray.   As you can see the table was about 6 inches too long for the space and blocked the entry way to the kitchen.

So for now we will just have a table for 4 people. There is just Terry and I so this will work until we can take out the wall between the kitchen and living room for an open concept.

Terry was going to move the chandelier over to the middle of the table but since we are going to take down this wall in January we decided to leave it where it is.  Still looks nice in the middle of the room.  We just figured why move it and then have to move it again when the wall comes down!

This is the wall that will come down and we will open up the living room and kitchen area.  Then I can have a longer dining table for entertaining.  When they made this house back in the 40's there was not such thing as open concept and rooms were very tiny and walled off.

I am waiting on the slipcovers I ordered from Target in white to cover the chairs.  This way the chairs will flow better with my two white slipcovered living room chairs.

The wall needs something in the mean time before it is taken down.    I have an idea for that so stay tuned to see what becomes of that space on the wall.

Happy Friday
Have a great weekend.

Christmas Gift

Hi Everyone.

I saw this on FB and had to laugh!

This about sums it up lol!!!!

I bought these cute mugs on Etsy.  I bought them to make into sweet gifts for the wonderful employees at my Vet's Office from Buddy for  Christmas.
Alluring Prints is the name of Rebecca's shop and she does more than just mugs so if you would like to see all her creative items or get this mug you can go to her site here.  I was not compensated in anyway for this shout out for her.  I just love to share talented peeps I find on Etsy.  

I gathered up supplies.  Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa Mix, $ 5 Dunkin Donut gift cards, Donut gift card holders and ribbon and donut stickers.
This is a new hot cocoa I found.  Well it is new to me anyway.  Sounds yummy!

So I put one package of the cocoa and a couple of candy canes in each mug.

Found these cute gift card holders at Hobby Lobby.  Two come in each package.
Perfect for holding the Dunkin Donut gift cards!

After filling the cups I tied them off in a plastic bag which each one came in.  The I hole punched the gift card holder and tied the bags with the ribbon and Dunkin Donut Gift Card holders.

There you have it a sweet gift for all the special people that work with animals.  My Vet is the best and every single one of the employees there love animals and do so much to help animals.
Now I can treat each of them to a hot cup of cocoa and they can treat themselves to a special drink or donut from Dunkin Donuts.

My little side kick agrees that the hot cocoa treats and donut gift cards are a perfect gift for him to give to the staff at the Vet's Office.
So Buddy has his Christmas gifts done.
Now he can go to the Hallmark Channel and pick out a fun Christmas Movie and kick bag and relax his shopping is done!!!!!

The holidays will move quickly so I am getting on top of my DIY's early.

Have a great week.