Day Out, Crossing State Lines, An Adventure and a Possible Life Change

These are my Bestie's!  On Sunday we decided to go on an adventure together.  This adventure consisted of crossing state lines!

We crossed over from Illinois to Indiana and made a pit stop at the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm.  Oh my this place is amazing.  I learned so much about cows and pigs.

They even have a barn where you can see a new calf being born.

This is also where my favorite Milk comes from.  Fair Life Milk is amazing if you have not tried it.  It is ultra filtered and has a 2  month shelf life and is chocked full of protein and less sugar than regular Skim milk.  It is a pure and delightful milk.  I love skim milk and love that this does not have all the sugar and has 50% more protein.

Then we had lunch. Oh my the best grilled cheese ever!!!! Yummy ice cream at the Cowfe too.
The best Ice Cream is made at this farm from their own wonderful cows raised there.

LOL! They have a milk carton climbing wall.

A bus takes you out to see the cows and they show you how the cows are milked and the process of how they make milk and yogurt and cheeses right on the farm.  It is amazing.  They also have a pig barn where you can learn about pigs.  Just was a fun way to start our adventure today with Abby.  

Next stop on the trip was to a farm of sorts!!!!  I recently got an email from a basset hound breeder that has a 6 year old female that is being retired from breeding and needs a home.  

She was rescued from a home a few years back by this breeder and she become one of his breed dogs these past few years.  

He said she had one litter a few years ago and then the second time she was impregnated she did not have any pups.  He said it has been over a year and she never has cycled again so he is pretty sure she is done.  

She is a very petite sweet girl.  She reminds us of Cooper in looks.
So now we have to decide if we want to adopt another little basset hound to love.  We have really missed Cooper.
Here she is with a couple of the puppies that the breeder has right now.  I have never seen an all red basset before so these new pups were just adorable. 

Terry thought this little guy looked a lot like him.  His words not mine LOL!!!!  Same Wrinkles!  This is such an adorable breed.  We have always loved basset hounds.  We have had red and whites and lemon's which are primarily white with some red that turns to a lemon color as they age.  This all red breed is so cute.

I was not even sure I wanted a new dog to love after losing Cooper.  So we are giving this some thought.  The breeder said he is good with keeping her until we are completely moved into the new place so it will be less stressful and confusing for us and her.

Cooper.  Oh how we miss this sweet boy.

What do you guys think?  I really had made up my mind that I was done with having another dog after losing Cooper.  Then this sweet little one came to my attention.  

We are not really rescuing her the breeder did that a few years back.
  It would be more like adopting her.  This breeder is very well known and takes very good care of his dogs.  He is known in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan for his beautiful puppies.

 His bred dogs are clean and well cared for.  The sad part for me is that they are a business for the breeders and these girls and boys are not pets but more a part of a business.  

So I am really inclined to save this sweet one from a life of being a breed dog and letting her have a home to be loved in.  Hoping this will work out for her and for us.

Now if we can just get a garage up and built and a basement finished up in our house we can move in and get settled and possibly have a new fur baby to love again.

  Garage build did not happen on Saturday as promised and has been promised to be started tomorrow.  Oh the joys of renovations! NOT!
Have a great start to the new week.