German Pantry

Hello sweet blogging friends.

I had to leave my sweet German Armoire that we made into a pantry for JCC#3.   It unfortunately was going to be too big for the new house.  

I found a good home for this beautiful piece so that made me feel good.

Terry and I found another German made Armoire on Offer Up.

This is the armoire when we purchased it on Offer Up.

Terry took the armoire apart and cut it down to fit in this space in the back of the new kitchen.

This was where the previous owner had a bench and hooks for coats.

 I needed a pantry for storage and we also needed a closet for our winter coats and shoes.

One side will have shelves and the other side will have a coat closet.

This is the pretty pattern of the wood.

This is how it looks now. 
We are going to put in the shelves and coat closet this weekend.

Terry is adding crown molding to the top of the armoire.

It will give it a more finished look.

I have these vintage knobs for the doors.

I debated on leaving the natural wood color on the armoire since it was similar to the french bench color.

It really has too many scratches and wear. 

Plus the new crown would not stain to the exact color of the armoire. 

It will get painted white!

I hope to have this done with the shelves in and it finished with a pretty white paint this weekend.

When you live small you have to figure ways to use every sq. inch of your space. 

I will show you pictures when it is all done.

This is our before bathroom picture. 

This has been totally re loved. 

New flooring, new bathtub and surround, a new vanity and mirror and light.
It was a complete re love.  I will have pictures of this transformation soon.

Everything you see in this picture is gone!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Feeling Blue With My White World

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

So happy to be finally settling into the new JCC#4.

I know I have always been a very neutral mainly white decor kinda gal.  Like everything in life there is always room for change.

I feel in this cottage style home there needs to be a lot of me and my signature white with a little bit of color added.  

I know that seems shocking but we neutral girls can have some color in our lives too!

My design assistant Buddy would like to show you the comfy feel of the blue and white throw!!!!
I have the two love seats in the new house.  I like the white slipcovers but was thinking about adding new slipcovers with some color and design.

My slipcovers now are easily washable since can  Buddy gets on them often.  Whatever fabric I pick would have to be a washable fabric too.

This is one of the inspiration fabrics I am thinking about.

Also love this stripe white and light blue fabric.

I love this stripe fabric on this loveseat.  I have a similar floral fabric I am having made into drapes.  You will see that below.
I like the stripe fabric on this slip cover for inspiration.

This floral slipcover is so fabulous.  Just have not found any upholstery fabric similar to this that I like.

I love the mix of the pattern and solid in this inspiration picture.  

I also am throwing around the idea of wallpaper like the stripe wallpaper in this picture and leaving the white slipcovers.

This is the fabric that is being made into drapery panels.  The color is a light ivory not yellow like the picture indicates with light blue and darker blue in the flowers.

I am trying to decide on fabric to coordinate with my drapery choice.

Hope to make a decision soon.
Just not sure if I will do new slipcovers or stay with white slipcovers and add wallpaper to one or more of the walls to bring in color and texture.

Hope you all have a great start to the new week.