Chippy Arch Window Headboard

I have had this old chippy arch window for a long time.  I love this window and have moved it all around my homes for all kinds of different looks.

It is really a great piece to have for a new look in different rooms when I feel I need a little change.
 Since I do not have a headboard on this twin bed I thought this window might be a great decor piece to hang over the head of the bed.

It compliments my angel picture.

This is the section in my 2nd bedroom that acts as three rooms in my house.  I have this area as a guest room and another area is my office and also a small area that is a make up area.  When you live in a small home you have to be creative and utilize every inch of living space.

Wishing all of you a great day today.

One Thing Leads To Another!

Hope your Easter was wonderful.  Here is a pic of my two grands.  Abby is going to be 8 in May and Charlotte will be 2 in June.  My mom will be 86 in August.  All three are such pretty girls.

Ok you know the old saying one thing leads to another!  Well I got this new rug at Birch Lane for my living room and now that is starting a whole twist to changing a few things up in this living room.

This new rug got me thinking!!!!  I have been thinking about how I could make this space different in a small way with a big impact.  Every time I walk into this space I kept feeling like it was missing something to pull it all together. Now that I got this rug it was screaming at me.  So stay tuned to see what I add to this room to make it have a whole new feel.  All because of a new rug!!!!

I think you will all agree that rug needs a little somethin somethin!
Stay tuned.

Happy New Week.
Have a good day today.