Home Office and Cooper Up Date

I miss my office space I carved out in the back of my dining room in the other house. Remember those awesome chippy vintage door dividers.  I miss them so.  When you move into a smaller space you have to make the rooms work to your advantage so.............

Remember our vintage living room tv armoire in the old house.

Well it got some white paint.  No shocker for any of you that know me that something got painted white lol!

Not only did it get painted white it was re loved into my new home office.

Yep Terry and his tools transported this TV armoire into an office space for me.  Like I always say gotta love a man with tools that knows what to do with them!

I loved my old desk so Terry just removed the legs and we were able to fit it inside the armoire to be used again.

Terry was able to hook up one of my small chandeliers inside the armoire for lighting.

Very pretty lighting at night when I am on the computer.

We hooked up the old curtain rod with vintage door knob ends and my baskets for some storage of my small office stuff.

Love that some of my storage things are in plain sight but still look pretty and organized.

I found this wire basket at Home Goods and painted it white to hang for some of my magazines.

My decor vision was just to surround myself with the things I love and have storage.

I still have my comfy slipcovered office chair.

Theres my little photo bomber Cooper.  More about him later in this post.

Now that little space in the back of my living room that was an awkward space is now my new home office.  I love that the armoire flows with my living room and still gives me an office.  I can close the doors and my office looks like an armoire that is part of the living room.
So there is another area in the new cottage that I could show you.  I will have more in the coming days.  The new cottage is coming together nicely.

Now for an update on this little guy.  He is doing great.  You would not know this guy has terminal cancer.  He is happy and playful and just a big love.  He had his one month check up and blood work up a week ago on his new cancer medication.  The Vet is pleased with the results and is cautiously optimistic that Cooper is reacting well to the drugs.  We are hoping with all hope this will give us months with this little guy to maybe even up to a year.
We just pray he will stay happy and comfortable like he has been for whatever time we get with him.

He is just a big lug of love.
Have a great new week.
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