Box Pleat Slipcover

Hello Sweet Friends.
Hope you are all safe and well.
I want to show you my slipcover with a new box pleat that Lisa from Fabric 8 Slipcovers sewed for me.  
I sent her the bottom cover that came with the sectional and she added the box pleat to give it a more custom look.  
Lisa always does great work.  
If you do not need a full slipcover done but would like to add a little custom to one you have contact Lisa.  
She does not disappoint with her work.

Hope Is Not Closed

Hello and Happy New Week.

This weekend began the ramping up of Covid 19.  
It is certainly a scary time.

As we see signs that say "We Are Closed" one thing for sure that is not closed is Hope.

How Can I Help?

Happy Weekend Sweet Blogging Friends.
We are all trying to stay in and stay safe.  Finding things to keep our minds still and feel productive can be a real challenge.

What A Little Paint Can Do

Hello Everyone.  
Hope you are staying in and safe and finding things to do inside.  
The weather is breaking a little bit here in Illinois so I have been able to get out for walks with Buddy.  
Love that fresh air.  I feel less cooped up.

Bakery Sign

Hello Sweet Friends.

I found a cute bakery sign to share with you today.  I have had this spot over the doorway that needed a little something.  I found this cute bakery sign and it fits perfectly up above the doorway.

Sweet Umbrella DIY and Ugly Blog Comment

Spring Bunnies

Happy Sunday.  
Hope everyone is fairing well with the stay home isolation. 
Keeping positive and praying the worse days of this virus hopefully will be calming down soon. 
Just happy I have this blog to communicate with all of you.
I like them paired up with my spring potted flowers.

Peace Can Be Found In The Storm

As we face unpredictable days ahead may this father and daughter team bring peace to your soul.   

Office Reveal

Hello sweet blogging friends.
We got the office walls painted.  The trim and doors all painted to white and a few new treasures hung.
Now all the rooms are done in this small home.

Shed Update

Hello and Happy Sunday.
The She Shed formally Chicken Coop has been taken apart and moved to our backyard. 

She Shed

Thank you for all the prayers and love sent to Terry and I as we grieve the loss of his dad.  He was a good man and we will miss him.
I showed you the She Shed I purchased.  It is going to be a fun challenge to re love it into a sweet she shed for me. 
It was a Chicken Coop.   Below I will show you the "before" pics of how the shed looks now.  Then I will share some inspiration pictures I found on Pinterest of ideas for transforming mine.

Heaven Has A Beautiful Soul

Terry's dad was called to Heaven and is now at peace and united with all his family and friends that have gone before him.
Terry's dad was a good man, great husband and father, grandfather and a Man of God.
We will miss this sweet man in our daily lives.

Sneak peak Office Progress and She Shed

Hello and Happy Friday.
I hope to have the office pics up maybe this weekend.  We have the trim, moldings and doors all painted white and the walls painted gray.  Looks good for both my side of the office and Terry's side too.
I am working on getting up decor on the walls for my side of the office.

Blooming Kitchen Window

Happy Sunday.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
This was my new kitchen window shelf and corbels.

Office Changes

When you live small you have to figure out ways to utilize every inch of your living space.
Our second bedroom in our tiny cottage home is what I call the three in one room.
It is Terry's home office and my home office space and also my make up area and wrapping paper, card storage area.

Kitchen Window Update

Happy New Week.
Hope the weekend was fun.  
We had Spring this weekend in Illinois oh my it was nice.  No coat and sunshine on Sunday.  
The weatherman is a bummer and said the real February will be returning this week back into the 30's and snow.  Ugh!!!
It was nice to have a little reprieve.

Vintage Ceiling Tile Wallpaper

Happy Friday Sweet Friends.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper is pretty popular.    You can put it up fairly easy and take it down without a lot of work if you want change.  I can see why it is growing in popularity.

Corbels and Window Treatment

Good Monday Morning Sweet Friends.
Found a sweet little treasure this past weekend that I think I might use to finally get my kitchen window finished up.

I found these think chippy corbels at the Vintage Market this past weekend.  I love that they are thin and not bulky like most corbels.

Refrigerator Make Over

Hello Sweet Friends.
My design assistant and I want to share the refrigerator makeover with you today.  As you will see towards the end of this post it is still a work in progress.
My refrigerator just kind of was open and free standing in the room.

Winter Blues

Hello Sweet Friends.
Happy Monday.

I am adding more blue to my whites in the living room and dining room.
I wanted to show you a rug I just got from Amazon.  Actually it was from Wayfair just got it through my Amazon Prime.   It was a bargain at $60 for a 5X7.  
I always hate buying rugs on line because of the difference in colors on the computer.  
With my Amazon Prime if I did not like it when it arrived I could just take it to Kohl's and they would return it to Amazon for me.  
I would not have to package it up and try to get it shipped back.

Gotta Love HomeGoods

Hello Sweet Friends.
Yesterday I went to a great Home Goods and literally lost my mind.  OMG the store was full of so many fun things.  I could not believe all the cute Easter things coming into the store.  It was fun to stroll every aisle.  Here is the great find that fell into my cart!

New Sectional and Winter Decor

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Monday.
As many of you know that have been following my blog it has been a challenge to make my small living work for our everyday living. 

 The biggest challenge has been making a living room dining room combination work in this small space.
I am happy to say I think I have it now.

I want to show you the new Ikea Loveseat/Chaise I purchased.  It is without a slipcover as that has been shipped off to Lisa at Fabrics 8 to do her magic to make a new custom ruffle on the Ikea slipcover.

Living Room Drama

Hello my friends.

As most of you know I have been struggling with trying to make my very small square living room serve both as a living room and also a dining area.  It has been a real learning curve on what will work.

Before and After Hallway

Happy Tuesday.

We bought this vintage cottage style home last July and since we have been trying to paint all the trim, baseboards and doors throughout the house.
The trim, doors and baseboards were all in orange stained wood.  I do not like that orange that happens in old wood over time.

Heart Wrenching and Heart Warming Together

This is so moving and I urge all of you to watch this video.  It is not long and it is so amazing and heart wrenching and heart warming all at the same time.

And The Winner Is... Home Feature

Hello sweet friends and happy Friday.

Thank you all for signing up for email notification in my giveaway. 

Living Room Dining Room Combo

Hello Sweet Friends

Hope you are all staying warm.  We finally have old man winter arriving in Illinois.  Those lovely Spring like temps we had in December and the first part of this month were just a tease.  The real stuff is here.

I shared with you the new table Terry made for me out of a vintage drop leaf table we salvaged for the legs.  
It fits in perfectly in the corner of the living room in front of the bay window.

Give Away and Charity Girlfriend Party

Last night was my Girlfriend Charity Party.  We get together each year and celebrate our friendships and wear our cute themed pajamas.

New Dining Room and Valances

Hello Everyone.  With taking down Christmas Decor everything seemed so stark. I made this old vintage tile vase into door decor. Added some faux flowers and nest and ribbon.  Much more cheerful than a plan door.

Kitchen Re Do

Hello Everyone. I was trying to wait for a day of sunshine to show off my new counters but not sure when we will see another day with sunshine. So please know these counters looks so much better than in pictures. Ugh for gloomy winter days.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Hello sweet friends.  I wanted to show you something I made last year to give as gifts to my kids for Valentine's Day.

Charity Girlfriend Party and Kitchen

Hello Sweet Friends.

The holidays just flew by.  I got all my decor down this past weekend.  Looks so sparse now. :(

Trying to find some cute Valentines Decor to brighten things up.

Chicago Fun

We have been staying with my two granddaughters this past week.  
My SIL and Daughter have been in the Keys for a wedding.  80 plus degrees each day.  
Why again am I watching the girls and they are sunning in the Keys Lol!