Mix Tiles

I found a company called Mix Tiles on Facebook that did a great job taking some of my favorite family pictures and putting them on canvas and framing them.  I am not compensated in anyway from this company I just love their product and wanted to share.

New Treasure Found

Hello Sweet Friends.
On my trip to Michigan I found this unique table that I thought would look great under my french window in my kitchen.

It was such a unique piece.  Love the old floor grate they put in the middle of the table.


The new roof is being put up today.  Oh boy! the old roof taken off and all the under stuff being replaced.  Lots of pounding and sawing going on.

Vintage Goods

Hello Everyone.  Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  
This summer is going way too fast!
Terry and I took a drive to Michigan up along the lake on Friday.  We visited some of my shops I love.  
There is one shop in Three Oaks Michigan that I absolutely love.

Vintage Goods is owned by my friend Diane.  It is a fabulous shop filled with lots of Vintage Goods!!

Happy 4th

Hello Everyone. 

When I was growing up the 4th of July meant a family reunion at the house of my grandmother's sister on the lake in Michigan.  I remember that being such a fun time.

When we lived in Junk Chic Cottage #2 it was in a lake town and I decorated one of my guest rooms in a lake theme.  Thought I would take you down memory lane of that sweet guest room decor.

Excuse some of the picture quality.  These pics were taken in 2012 before Pic Monkey and better cameras!

Some of you that have followed my blog from early on might remember little Midge my sock monkey.  She was a permanent guest in my lake guest room.

Of course Midge would have her boyfriend up to the lake cottage for a little fishing.

Midge always made sure my guests followed all the cottage rules during their stay.

I love seeing the climbing roses growing up around my birdhouse posts and my pretty angel.

The front flowers are filling in beautifully and it is only July. 

The colors are just beautiful this year.  

Wishing all of you a Happy 4th.

Hello Sweet Friends.
Let's begin with cheers to a beautiful new week.

Bloom and Blossom

Hello Everyone.
Yay almost the weekend!
I wanted to show you these sweet pillows that a sweet friend gifted me.  She got them at Hallmark and I just love them.

She Shed Living

Happy New Week Sweet Friend.
I wanted to share a little news with all of you.

Two very talented ladies Erika and Sabrina have published a book and each year publish a calendar of very unique and beautiful She Sheds.
This is their IG spot if you would like to visit and see some of the amazing she sheds.  Click Here.

New in the Garden

Hello Everyone.
I have a few new things added to the garden to show you today.  I love to enhance my flowers with old chippy vintage pieces throughout the garden.  Brings whimsy and character to the garden.

This is my newest old chippy awesome birdhouse I have added to the garden.  It is made out of old salvage pieces.  The green almost is the same color as my house.  I also added this sweet angel to the post.

Let's Go Shopping

So it was glorious weather on Friday.  
A soft summer breeze kind of day.  
Terry took a well deserved day off of work and we decided to take a ride to Michigan.  
Michigan is a little further ahead of opening up than we are in Illinois.
That meant my shops would be open as long as you wore a mask and keep social distancing.
So off we went.

Junk Makes The Soul Happy

Hello and Happy Friday everyone.  
I was approached by a sweet blogger named Lora from her blog called Junk Makes The Soul Happy.  

Early June Flowers

Hello Everyone.  
Thought I would share my early June flowers.  It has been less than a month and I am already seeing my flowers double in size.

My iron planter flowers were barely over the edge of this planter a month ago and now they are down the front and heading towards the ground.  I know by July these will fill in and you will not even see the iron on the planter.

Only Time

I felt this beautiful song by Enya was most appropriate to listen  and calm your mind and heart.  Since we are all wondering where the road is going to take us.  Please play the song as you scroll through the post.

Blooming Peonies

Hello sweet blogging friends.  
I was out watering today and was in need to see something to make me smile and feel happy.  
I found it.
My peonies are beginning to bloom.  Yes! something beautiful that gives us all hope of a better tomorrow.

Roses are Red

Roses are red well... Maybe yellow and white and pink.
I am going to show you some of my roses I planted in place of some bushes we moved from the front of the house.

Summer She Shed

Happy New Week Everyone.
I worked on my she shed this weekend.  
Oh boy it was a challenge with no shops or stores open to find cute accessories.  
Had to shop my house a little bit to decorate.  
With downsizing with the purchase of this smaller home I did not have a lot of things in storage or around the house to work with for decor.  
I gave it a good shot but it will be a work in progress.  
When the shops and Home stores return I hope I can find cute decor to add.

My flowers are starting to fill in nicely.  Lots of rain lately for them.  I got my lounger ready for me to relax and get some sunshine.

Beginning Summer Flowers

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.
It is finally beginning to look like Spring in Illinois.  
Planting and getting flowers going is underway.
Thought I would show you the beginning flowers and hopefully in about a month or so can show you the progress and how big and filled in the flowers will be.

Hung the flower shoppe sign on the she shed.

Garden Bike

This weekend I was finishing up all the planting of annuals and perennials.  
Lots of work but if everything takes by the middle of the summer it should be looking very pretty.
I did work on my garden bike.  
It is a work in progress but I think it is coming out cute.  

My old schwinn has been dressed up with sweet pink petunias.  I am surrounding the bike with some pretty hydrangeas and pink begonias.  We are waiting to put mulch into the beds as soon as all the planting is done.
We attached the bike to the fencing to keep it from falling.  The petunias are attached to the fender piece on the bike.  Happy plus is you cannot tell this bike was missing it's seat.  The flowers make a great camouflage. 
I filled in the vintage bike basket with some old books and a pretty garden hat a friend made me for my birthday back in April.

I will try to remember to bring in the books with the threat of rain.
Wishing you a great start to the new week.
We were working on the she shed this weekend too.
Hope to have that to show you soon.


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Garden Tours

Finally the weather is warmer and I have begun planting flowers in between rainy times.  
Hope to show you all the new garden flowers soon.  
In the meantime I thought it would be fun to stroll down memory lane of a few of my past garden flowers.  

Flowers and Past Lounge Chairs

I cannot wait to get my garden flowers going like these from past summers.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful friends.  It will certainly be a different kind of Mother's Day for all of us this year. May you enjoy this special day.

Vintage Garden Bike

Hello and Happy Friday.
Today I am going to show you a Vintage Schwinn bike I found on FaceBook MarketPlace.   I plan on putting it in my garden by the she shed.  
I am also going to show you some of my vintage garden  bikes from the past.

Garden Shed Weekend

I was able to work a little bit this weekend on the soon to be 
She Shed/Garden Shed.

This and That

Hello Everyone.
Just a few this and that's for you today.

She Shed Door

The She Shed is starting to get some work done.

Textured White Wash

Hello Everyone.  
Here is what I did to the TV cabinet and the fireplace surround.

This and That

She Shed is finally all painted.  The door taken off.  I like the more open look.  I cannot wait to start to decorate this sweet shed.  My vision is flowers, lots of chippy shabby decor and garden items.
Here in Illinois hopefully we will be able to start to plant by the middle of May.  

Beautiful Angels

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday.
I love to share small business people that I have purchased something special and love it.
I found a very talented lady that paints these beautiful angels on wood.   You all know how I love angels!
I wanted to share her talents with you and her Etsy shop.

This is the angel I chose for myself.  

Deck Preview

Happy New Week.

Hope you all had a great Easter.  
So different for all of us. 
Let's hope that the shelter in place will begin to bring the spread of this virus down and we can all return to our regular routines again.

New Kind Of Easter

Happy Easter Everyone.
This year will be different for all of us.  
I will miss my family being all together.
I know it is to keep us all safe and well.
I thought I would share some of my past Easter Decor with you.  

She Shed Update

Happy Monday Sweet Friends

This was the chicken coop I purchased to become my garden she shed.

Spring Bunnies and Sunshine

Love to see this sunshine stream in the house the last few days.  It makes confinement at home feel better.

I have been putting out some little areas of Spring decor.

When I was cleaning out a closet I found these sweet little black and white bunnies.  I found these cute black and white carrots in the $3 bin at Target awhile ago.

Sometimes it is the unexpected surprise that can make your day.  When I got back from walking Buddy yesterday I found these beautiful flowers in my door. 

A sweet friend of mine surprised me with these and left them with a beautiful card.  It is these little acts of kindness that can help during this very scary, anxious and time of isolation like this that helps keep hope alive.

Thank you sweet friend.  This was an unexpected surprise that made my day.

What are you doing to make the isolation from human contact bearable.
I miss my family so much.  Facetime helps but it is not the same as contact hugs and kisses.

This too shall pass and it is not forever so I hold on to that.

Have a good weekend.  If the weather is good Terry and I are going to start to paint the She Shed.  Woo Hoo that will be fun and exciting.
Big Virtual Hugs,

Box Pleat Slipcover

Hello Sweet Friends.
Hope you are all safe and well.
I want to show you my slipcover with a new box pleat that Lisa from Fabric 8 Slipcovers sewed for me.  
I sent her the bottom cover that came with the sectional and she added the box pleat to give it a more custom look.  
Lisa always does great work.  
If you do not need a full slipcover done but would like to add a little custom to one you have contact Lisa.  
She does not disappoint with her work.

Hope Is Not Closed

Hello and Happy New Week.

This weekend began the ramping up of Covid 19.  
It is certainly a scary time.

As we see signs that say "We Are Closed" one thing for sure that is not closed is Hope.

How Can I Help?

Happy Weekend Sweet Blogging Friends.
We are all trying to stay in and stay safe.  Finding things to keep our minds still and feel productive can be a real challenge.

What A Little Paint Can Do

Hello Everyone.  
Hope you are staying in and safe and finding things to do inside.  
The weather is breaking a little bit here in Illinois so I have been able to get out for walks with Buddy.  
Love that fresh air.  I feel less cooped up.

Bakery Sign

Hello Sweet Friends.

I found a cute bakery sign to share with you today.  I have had this spot over the doorway that needed a little something.  I found this cute bakery sign and it fits perfectly up above the doorway.

Sweet Umbrella DIY and Ugly Blog Comment

Spring Bunnies

Happy Sunday.  
Hope everyone is fairing well with the stay home isolation. 
Keeping positive and praying the worse days of this virus hopefully will be calming down soon. 
Just happy I have this blog to communicate with all of you.
I like them paired up with my spring potted flowers.