A New Angel In My Life

I love to be surrounded by angels in my home decor.  I have been collecting angels for years and have been gifted some very beautiful ones.

Today I want to share with you one of my newest and some of the ones I have had and cherished for years.

I would like to introduce you to my newest angel Grace. 
Terry gifted Grace to me for my birthday. 

Cathy from Cheswick Company makes these beautiful angels. 

I have been collecting them for years.

I love her sweet basket with a baby chick, egg and violets. 
I have her hanging on my office door.

Buddy wanted to photo bomb and point out the detail on the bottom of this beautiful gown Grace is wearing. 
Thank you Buddy you are a great assistant.

This is one of my angels Hope that adorned my Christmas tree.

Hope has also been know to hang out in the Christmas Wreath.

This sweet angel is hanging out in the office lamp.

This my autumn angel with her sweet vintage coat.  She was hanging out on my kitchen shelf with one of my little birdies this past winter.

Here is my Original Grace Angel that I gave up for Adoption when I did the fund raiser for the Dog Rescue I support. 
She has a new home and her proceeds went to help other dogs and cats in need.

I am so lucky to have another sweet friend that can sew and create beautiful angels too. 

Cil is a great friend I met through blogging and she gifted me this Belle angel last Christmas. 

I treasure her because she is beautiful and because Cil made her special for me. 

Thanks sweet friend.

This is another sweet angel that Cil gifted me along with this beautiful sign.
Here are three sweet angels. 
The one on the left was also made by Cil and donated when I did the fund raiser for the Rescue. 
She got a brand new home. 
The witch angel Cil made me as a gift and the Wren angel on the right is one I had in my collection for the fund raiser too.

 So happy they raised money and have new homes.

My most favorite part of my witch angel is her red locks of hair and her beautiful face.  Her sweet face just draws you in and makes you smile.
This picture of my beautiful Grace hung on the old chippy farm door in the old house.

Here is my little Harvest angel in an autumn vignette from the past.

 Hope a few years back hanging out in our Christmas tree.

Here she is in our last house at Christmas.

One of my little angels hanging out on the old bird house.

Here is my original grace many years back at Christmas. 
It was hard to let this Grace be adopted since she was my first angel in my collection but it was all worth it to help out the rescue agency that we got our sweet Cooper. 

They gifted us such a special rescue with Cooper so it felt good to raise some money to give back.

  I know she has a great new home and will watch over her new person like she did for me.

It was so sweet when Terry gifted me this new Grace for my up coming birthday. 

He said it was time I had another Grace to watch over me.

Do you believe in Angels?  I feel Angels are all around us in our everyday life.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.
I am working on a few DIY's around the house to hope to show soon.

Privacy Film DIY

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.  

Awhile ago I did a switch a roo with my big farm house window in the living room.

We moved the farmhouse window and shutters to this side window of my living room it fit almost perfect. 

The problem was how to get privacy so my neighbor cannot see in at night. 

I did not want to put blinds behind the farmhouse window.  I thought that would look weird and take away from the farmhouse window.

I found this at Home Depot.  It is a window film that lets light in but gives you privacy.

It was easy peasy to apply. 

The first thing you do is clean the window.  The next step is to use a spray bottle of water with a little dish soap.

You spray the window and then apply your measured cut piece of  film to the window.

  You then use a small scraper to get the bubbles out.
It seriously was so easy to do.

This is how the applied film looked on the window. 
It was a raining and dark day with no sunshine. 

Even with the rainy dark day the light was still coming in the window. 

We no longer saw my neighbor. 
Complete privacy.

Hung the farmhouse window back up.

Now we have complete privacy without taking away from the farmhouse window. 

Light still can filter in through the window.

This was such an easy DIY.
Have a great new week ahead.

Easter Table Ideas

Easter is coming soon.  I have been trolling Pinterest and found some lovely table ideas to share.

Love the sweet yellow and whites together.  The pattern in the table cloth adds texture.  Simple but oh so pretty.
Pinterest Source

Love the pretty in Pink with the gold.  Adds some softness with a little glam.  The little baskets with grass and flowers is so cute.
Pinterest Source

One of my past table settings.  Simple white and cream with a touch of spring flowers.

This pretty table is from Sand&Sisal.  It gives a pretty coastal Easter vibe.

This sweet Easter table is very woodsy and natural.  The Wood Grain Cottage used so many wonderful things from nature on her Easter table.

How about this sweet and simple Easter table center piece.
Pinterest Source

I love that the chair cushions coordinate with her pastel plates.
Pinterest Source

They used basket grass along with cute bunnies and lots of colorful eggs.
Pinterest Source

How about this sweet center piece.  Simple white rabbits with faux greens in a wooden box.  So pretty.
Pinterest Source
Love the simplicity of the fresh tulips for color and then little chocolate bunnies on each plate.
 These next three pictures are some cute food ideas for Easter.

This is so adorable.  Great way to serve fresh fruit.

I love this idea of using a white Easter basket and lining it with lettuce leaves and then using it for your veggie appetizer.

Last up is these sweet little "Buddy" cookies.  So adorable.

Have a great week sweet blogging friends.