Re Love of the Dungeon

Happy Saturday Everyone.

Right beyond these patio rails is a dark secret place.

Right beyond looking down from the rails of our backyard deck is a dark hole I call the dungeon!

These steps lead down to the dungeon!

There it is the Dungeon.  The pathway leading to the downstairs entrance into our finished basement.  Scary, ugly, damp and gloomy! 

 It is in need of a makeover.  So Terry and I are working on this project this weekend. 

That is in between some wicked rain storms and other yard work.  Stay tuned I will have the after re love of this space to show you soon.  Just need this rain to hold off and let us work our "magic".

On a more above ground and brighter note.  Have any of you ever planted Brown Eyed Susan's?  I got these and would like to plant them in the backyard.

This is the backyard area I am thinking about.  See that clearing under the trees.  I was thinking there and then around this tree they are sitting in front of right now. 

They get light all day.  Hot sun in the late afternoon to sunset. 

 Have any of you ever planted these?  Do they get big and spread out?  How far apart should I put them and do you think these areas will be a good fit for them?

 I am slowly getting more and more perennials planted.  I thought they would give a smile to this back part of the yard. 

I need a little color back there and thought these might be a good fit.  So if any of you have ever planted these please share your thoughts.

Looks like they still do not have the comments coming into our emails fixed yet.  Ugh!!! This makes things so much more complicated and frustrating.

 Please know I read your comments and will leave replies to your comments and questions back here on the post.  So if you have asked a question or just want to see I have read your sweet comment you can come back to visit to see what I have replied back to you.

I hope they get this fixed soon.

Have a good weekend and I will be hopefully back soon to show you what we do with the "Dungeon"!!!