Chippy Chair

Happy Friday.

Got a wonderful new office chair for Christmas.  Loved the french vibe of the chair and the blue and white stripes.  The color of the wood however did not appeal to me.

So guess what??? I had some White Paint!!!! 
The brown tone of the wood was not going well with my white chippy office armoire.
So out came a paint brush and some white paint.

These cloudy sunless days make it so hard to get a good picture.  It is hard to capture the chairs pretty when you do not have decent light.
After I painted it white I sanded the edges to make the chair chippy.  The fabric on the chair is a lighter blue and white stripe.

Now I have a chippy french vibe chair that is very comfy for my time on the computer.

Have a great Friday.
Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.

White and Weathered Change Up

 I am changing up my three bathrooms in this house.  I started with my Powder Room Bath on the first floor.   I thought I would show you just a few minor changes with paint that gave a new year "up do" to this bathroom.

We have only been in this house since May of this year.  We painted all the rooms when we moved in so this bathroom just needed a little decor and counter top up date.

I have to stand on my head practically to get pictures with where this half bath is located in the hall way.   I will have to show this bathroom in sections.

There are no windows in this hall or bathroom so pictures had to be taken with the lights on.  Sorry for the glare of the lights being on!!!

Terry had some left over counter top from when we did the kitchen after moving in.  So we used this piece to put on top of this builder stock vanity a while back.
   I liked the wood farmhouse vanity top but it just wasn't going with my white and gray salvaged themed bathroom.
I would eventually love to find a vintage dresser to make as a vanity.

In the mean time I decided to white wash the top of the vanity counter.  I am sure there are a million u tube and  blog directions out there on how to white wash wood.  My treatment was easy peasy.  Just took white paint and lightly brushed it on the wood and then took a wet rag and smoothed the paint out in the direction of the wood grain.

Here is a section up close after I white washed the top.  It still let some of the wood come through for texture but brought in white and gray to the counter's surface.

It kind of gave the counter top a beach weathered look.

I wanted to let some of the wood come through for texture but keep a worn look to match all the architectural salvage I have in this bathroom.  There is the old cottage door that Terry made into a mirror in the old house.  Glad I saved that piece and moved it.  It was perfect fit for this half bath.

Here are the small section pictures of this bathroom!

Happy to have all these chippy architectural pieces to hang up in this powder room.  Love the history and character they give to this bathroom.

By just taking some fresh white paint and white washing the top of the wood vanity to look weathered and worn,  I got a fresh look for this powder room.  Cost was $0 dollars.  I had all the architectural pieces so it was just a matter of hanging them in the right spaces.  

One bathroom done and ready to show!  Happy to freshen up the powder room for $0 dollars spent.

I have our Master Bathroom and Guest bathroom under way with changes. I just really am waiting on a good day with some sunshine for pictures.

  We have had unseasonable warm weather for Chicago.  More like Spring then the dead of winter. 

While I am not complaining about the mild temps.  I have missed seeing sunshine.  It has been a long time since Mr. Sunshine was out.  

The days are gloomy, wet and foggy.  I am sure this will not last long and we will be back into more wintery weather soon.  Hopefully with some sunshine added.

Have a great rest of this week.  Hoping to have up more pictures of the other two bathrooms soon.  Happy that I can do these change ups with little money and just a lot of decor imagination.  Helps to keep the winter blues away during these long winter months.


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Bathroom Updates

Happy Monday.  Just finishing up on both bathrooms.  Just some minor change ups.

Painted the walls in our Master Bathroom the same color as the bedroom.  That was the only room we did not paint when we moved in.  So that got a fresh coat of paint this past weekend.

I am finishing up with some other changes to the decor and will have pictures up soon.  Hoping for a sunny day to grab some pictures.

This chippy bench got a little make over.  Very little make over because I loved her patina.  Mostly the boards needed some love.  They were warped and did not fit right.   Mr. Terry took care of that with his trustee tools!

Here is a sneak peek at her new place to reside in Junk Chic Cottage.  As you can guess by the towels she found a place in my guest bathroom.

Stay tuned I will have pictures of the changes hopefully this week.

Happy New Week.