A Little Jingle

Happy Monday.  Hope the Weekend was fabulous for all of you.

Just a few things to share with you today.


Ok this is not a post for those of you that do not think ahead of the holidays and only try to do one at a time.  You might want to move on from this post or do you.................

All Right I was minding my own business in the Hobby Lobby just strolling along the aisles enjoying the views.  Then something magical happened.....

These different cute little Christmas crafty items started to jump into my cart!  You know when things are 50% off they tend to leap into your cart before you know what is happening!!!!

Every Year I make my kid's and granddaughter's an Advent Calendar for Christmas.  I gift them these Calendars at Thanksgiving so they can start with them at the beginning of Advent.  I usually like to make them to make it special.

After getting these pieces I was able to come up with a Santa Advent Calendar.   I got out my trusty glue gun and away I went with burnt fingers to make up this advent calendar.

My kids love the scratch off lottery tickets I put on the advent calendars along with a few little gift cards and of course a few pieces of Chocolate.

This works perfectly to clip on the cards and lottery tickets.  I have  not purchased the cards or lottery scratch off yet so you will have to use your imagination to see them clipped onto each day.

The Grand Girls of course do not get a lottery ticket calendar so I found these cute Barbie Advent Calendars for them.  I love that it comes with a full size Barbie doll and each day the girls get a different outfit for the Barbie.

This is about as crafty as I get but I am happy with the way the Santa Advents are coming out.  I have one done and 2 more to go.

Now on to a peak preview of something in the works at Junk Chic Cottage.

These old drawers will be made and re loved into my new project.

These gorgeous old farm house table legs are going to be part of the new project.

The framing pieces in this old table top is going to be incorporated into the new design too.

So stay tuned and I will show you what all these oak furniture pieces will be turned into.  Hope to have that to show to you soon.

I will end this post with Buddy. 
He got a new ball from the neighbor next door and he is crazy for balls.  He has his squeaky toys that he loves but now he has discovered balls.  We can play throw and fetch for hours!!!! His energy is endless.

Speaking of Buddy we purchased this portable fence from Lowes. 
Our backyard is all fenced in but the new driveway and new garage is open. 

Buddy discovered just recently that there is a whole new world outside his backyard! 

With his sense of exploring we needed to find a way to keep him in the backyard.

So we went to Lowes and found this stake fencing.
It is not permeant so you can remove it if you like.  It has the stakes attached so you can just stick them easily into the ground. 

I think they look attractive enough too. 

They were only around $29 dollars a set and you get two fence pieces in a set. 
This was a good solution to keep Buddy safe in the backyard for not a lot of expense.

Have a great new week.