Happy Easter

Some of you asked me to take a pictures of the Expand O Matic table in action!

Here is the Expand O Matic table closed and in it's cabinet

Easy Peasy to open up and pull out.  Then just add the leaves that hook together.
I needed seating for 8.

I added my new table cloth I got from Home Goods.

I love the soft bunny colors of this table cloth.  It match so well with my soft pinks and creams in my centerpiece.

Little Peggy was trying to nap on her chair.   She was a little upset with me that I was waking her up by setting the table and taking pics as you can see by the look on her face!!!!

We are a no fuss group.  We gather to eat, drink and celebrate our blessings on Easter.  Then we do an Easter Egg hunt.  This year with the weather here in Illinois being so "un spring like" will be doing the egg hunt in the downstairs family room.

My pictures are very cloudy and gloomy like our weather.  It would have been so much better if some sunshine would have come out.  Just take my word for it the table is looking very pretty.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Easter as you gather with family and friends tomorrow.


Hello everyone.

Thought I would take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful week and Happy Easter.

Recapping my Spring and Easter Decor.

I am very excited to use my new Expand O Matic table this Easter.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week and Happy Easter.