Happy Mother's Day to all of you sweet mom's out there.  Have a beautiful week end and celebrate the beautiful loving person you are.  Mom's are the most special people and deserve more than one day per year but since we have this one day just for us please take advantage enjoy, relax and celebrate what a wonderful mom you are and what a difference you make in your kids (furry or human) lives.

My daughter Jen and her precious daughter Abby,  my granddaughter, the best gift anyone could ever get on Mother's Day.

My daughter Kimmie that is so beautiful inside and out. Kimmie is following in my foot steps and is a wonderful caring nurse.  I could not be more proud of her.  Her caring heart makes a difference in her patients lives.

My sweet little grand baby Abby. I can't get enough of this sweet face.

My sweet family that makes being a mom so fulfilling.  My daughter Jen and her hubby Tim and my little granddaughter Abby.  Me and the hubby on our wedding day 32 years ago and my daughter Kimmie.  My family is the most beautiful decorations I could ever have in my home!!!!
Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Middle of the Week Wednesday!!!! It is another beautiful day 78 degrees and somewhat sunny.  My backyard is coming along.  Thought I would share a few new pictures.  I was trying to shoot pictures when the sun was out but it keep disappearing behind the clouds.

My husband hung a chandelier that I found in the shed now I am looking for some cute shades to dress it up.  It is romantic lighting to sit outside on a beautiful evening.

I plan on planting myself on this chair quite a bit this summer.

The Chandelier is so plain that I am going to try and find some crystals and some flowers and do something cute with some shades.

My vintage tea cart ready for action.  Can't wait to have a party on the deck and load that cart up with fun  summer drinks.

My little cottage garden gate motif is coming together.  A little more do here but almost done.

I added a bird cage to the mix.  I am thinking about putting a small plant up inside the bird cage.

Love that sweet garden gate.  The flowers already seem to love growing around it.

I love petunia's they are so hardy and sun lovers so they do well on my south exposure deck all summer.

My little watering can water feature.  I love the trickle of the water it is so relaxing to listen too. The birds love to drink from there too!

One of my old chippy ladders needed a plant.  I need to find a cute pot or bucket or something fun and unique for the geranium.  I am on the hunt.

Pretty soon that little rose bush area will be blooming and all the flowers in the beds filling in and popping with color.

It is hard to see but I love this old painted "stop and smell the roses" bed frame that I love to have in the garden.

All the old vintage watering cans that I have collected and my pink garden boots.

Not sure what I am going to do with this bench.  Any suggestions? I was thinking of doing some kind of fabric covered seat cushion but then I was trying to think "outside of the box" and come up with something more whimsy and creative for the seat of this bench.  Since is gets a lot of weather I was trying to think of something to cover the seat to hold up in rain and the sun. I thought maybe finding some kind of old pickets and fitting them onto the seat. Not sure I am open to suggestions.

Well it was another lovely day outside working in the garden.  Loving this weather.  It is suppose to rain tomorrow so I was trying to get more planting done today.  Have a great rest of the week.

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I have been working on the yard yesterday and today. The weather has been so nice to get some of my planting done.  I thought I would show you a glimpse of the transformation.  In about another month the flowers will have filled in so nicely and it should be looking pretty sweet.

I get a lot of sun all afternoon until sunset so these flowers will do really well with direct sun.

My old cottage nest door and an old chippy white box that I had the hubby attach to the door for a flower box.  I love the old chippy architectural elements in the garden.
I love birdhouses everywhere and this cutie I found at Home Goods and attached it to an old stair column.

One of my favorite things in the garden is this old chippy door.   I am loving it on my front door with a flower bag of white petunia's.

This is that old chippy barn door table I got at the flea market a few weeks ago.  I am making this into a potting table in the garden.

I love my old painted birdhouse out by the tree this year.
his year there is the scare of impatiens being attacked by a mold that instantly kills and there is no prevention.  It started out east and is on the move.  We could or could not get infected in the mid west so instead of my usual impatiens I opted for yellow petunias.  I always loved the way impatiens mound and by July look like lovely flowering bushes.  I just could not take the chance with the threat of that mold coming  our way. It is an airborne mold and I would be sick to have all my impatiens die instantly this summer. So petunia's it is for this year out around my tree.

The perennials along with all the annuals will soon fill in nicely all together.

My bike is ready to go!!!! In about a month the baskets will be overflowing with pretty vines and flowers.  I will love when the over flow starts to hang down over the bike tires.
Loving my bike.
Even my little cherub is loving all the pretty flowers.  My Robins love to swim in this birdbath.  They are so cute when I water they love me to spray them with the hose. I have never seen birds that love to be sprayed with a hose!!!! They are funny little creatures.

Well there you have it the summer house is beginning to bloom FINALLY!!!!! Oh it was so nice to get out in the yard and play in the dirt.  My back and muscles are so feeling it but it was totally worth it.  Hope you had a great week end where you are.

Sneak Peak at some of the backyard planting.
This is a work in progress still lots to do back here.

Started some of the decorating on the deck with an architectural piece.  The old garden gate that I had hanging in my guest room is now part of the garden decor. I have to paint that rusty bird feeder. Ignore that in the picture!!!!

Got all my old vintage watering cans lined up and ready for use.

Gotta have a little romance in the garden.  This candle chandelier is perfect.  As you can see my bushes are just starting to bud with the icky spring and long winter we have had here.  Hopefully in the next month they will be full and green and full of flowers.

I love to have birdhouses through out the yard.  My birdie friends like the B&B too.
Starting to get my space ready for summer.  Got the chair out and my table.  I have a pretty chandelier I am going to have the hubby hang over the table  for romantic reading on the deck.n

Got the hubby's firetruck out by his shed.  I need to find a pretty plant to put in it.

These my friends are the greatest chippy posts ever.  I got these a year ago at Elkhorn Flea Market.  The hubby is going to make something special with those babies later on for the back gardens.  Stay tuned for that upcoming feature.

Well still a big work in progress for the backyard.  That might take some time to get it where I want it.  Glad you had patience to get through this post.  It was a long one.  Thanks for coming by.
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