Small Business Gift Giving

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

We are on the path to cooking, baking, buying gifts, wrapping and decorating in the next few weeks.

This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday support shopping.  I hope a lot of you took advantage of buying those great gifts for family and friends from small business.

After all the small business owners help support our communities.

I wanted to share some great gift ideas and encourage you to go onto sites like Etsy and Ebay and your small shops in your town to purchase that perfect gift.
First gift idea I would love to share with you comes from my friend Cil Stephens.  I think most of you saw the beautiful Witch Angel she gifted me and then she also made a few Wrens dolls and gave me one for my fund raiser awhile back.

Cil has this sweet blonde angel that I adore for sale.  Love her lace and button blouse.

This sweet dark hair angel sitter with the cute floral top is for sale too.

Love this sweet one with the vintage lace also for sale.

Look at this sweet angel in the wreath.  The wreath and angel come together and are for sale.
If you would like any of these or something made by Cil you can contact her at her email

Cil is also sewing some beautiful ornaments like this one you see above.  She also has many other projects like this so please contact her and let her know if you want to purchase any of her sweet homemade gifts to give to family and friends.
Now onto some other sweet gifts you can find on the internet.  This was on Oprah's Favorite List for 2018.  Kate Weilser is a small business owner and makes beautiful and yummy chocolates.   This is Carl her snowman made of cocoa and chocolate that you put the whole snowman into a pitcher of warm milk and you have a tasty hot cocoa for everyone in the family.  This would make a great family gift.
You can find this guy on

When I grew up in Michigan Sanders Chocolates were the popular gifts at the holidays.  These are my all time favorite treat.  Nothing better than sweet and salty together in one tasty treat.
You can find these and other sweet treats here.

This would make a beautiful hostess gift.

I showed you these cute mugs I got on Etsy and then just added my own hot cocoa and candy canes.

I tied off the cups in cello bags and added a gift card.  Makes for a great gift.

I just wanted to share a few Christmas gift ideas.  I really love the idea of buying gifts from small business owners and also making gifts of your own to give.

This final gift is one of the most special gifts you can give and I hope each of you do one or two of these to have in your car this season.

All you have to do is collect some things that the homeless need to survive on the streets.  The most asked for thing in shelters is SOCKS.  You can get great socks that are thick and warm at the dollar store.

In fact you can get almost all the things for a blessing bag at the dollar store.

Protein bars, first aid kit, Tylenol, chapstick, toothpaste, soap etc.  You can put these bags together for less than $10 to $15 dollars. 

Keep them in your car and when you see someone homeless on the street you can hand this out to them.  Also here in the midwest I keep a couple of old coats in my car to give out to the people on the streets too.

Hope this inspired you to think of getting your crafty on to make some gifts or help out small business peeps with purchasing gifts from them.
Have a great week
I have my annual charity girlfriend party this coming Saturday so I hope to have some pictures to share with you after the party.
Have a great week.