Happy Friday

Hi Everyone. 
Just checking in to say Hi.  Have a few things to share.  Still no progress quite yet on the permits.  The City said possibly today or Monday for the basement permit and hopefully by next Wednesday the garage build permit.  Then we can hopefully get the contractor moving on these projects.

In the meantime Terry and I are still working on the kitchen and bathroom and hope to have that coming together soon.
My new flower boxes are filling in nicely.  The sweet potato vines are triple in size in just a few weeks.  The petunia's are loving all the sun and heat we have had.

So excited to see the impatiens doing so well.  A few years back we had a fungus that struck the impatiens in our state and I missed having them in the flower beds.  This big tree gives them the shade they need and they get late afternoon sun.   Hoping they will begin to mound in the next few weeks.

Next year I want to put more flowers in these beds under the window.  I have the hosta's and roses now but next year when I am living in the house I will plant more.  Would love to see more color out front.

I just love summer and my flowers.  

This is a little project that Terry has been working on for me.  I wanted two cornice's to frame the top of the living room windows in the new house.

These were simple and inexpensive to make.  Some crown molding and 1x8's for the base.

A few cuts and a metal bracket to hold the pieces together.

We had some of the textured wallpaper left from when we covered the dishwasher on at the last house.  I am using that on the base of the cornice for texture and a vintage feel.
This is all the supplies you need.  We pasted the wallpaper on the base and let it dry.  The wallpaper is paintable which I love.

Tonight we will paint these white and hang them on the windows.  I will have an upcoming pic to show you how they look with some new drapes hanging underneath.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


Slow but some progress

Good Morning Everyone.  Happy New Week.

We are plugging along on the changes to the new JCC III.  Still waiting on permits for the garage build and basement remodel so I am trying to stay patient on that front.

Bureaucracy at it's best. Ughh!

Thought I would share a few pics of some of the changes beginning to the kitchen area.

Here are some before pics of the kitchen with the old counter tops and no appliances.

I liked the character of the tiles on the walls so we used epoxy paint to update those and they will stay.  The counter tops, dishwasher that did not work and cabinets around the windows came out.

Cabinets are down and counter tops gone.  The blue on the walls gone too.
New color for the walls in the kitchen is Behr Gentle Rain.  White with a hint of gray.
The floors are a big mess but I will show you soon what we will do with them to update and make them pretty again.
As you can see this kitchen is a very small kitchen area so we are expanding the kitchen into the existing dining room.
Appliances arrived!

After putting the appliance in place we found that the refrigerator door to the freezer cannot open all the way.  Ugh!!!!  So we had to put on our DIY hats and figure this problem out.

The solution is to take out the upper and lower cabinet next to the stove to be able to move over the refrigerator so the doors will open.  I will show you how that all worked when we finish up in this area.  Still a work in progress.

We found a great little backsplash idea.  We found these seawashed panels that are water proof so we attached them to the wall under the vintage white tiles.  We have butcher block counters going in too.

I wanted to save this vintage kitchen sink but after removing it to put in the counter tops we found it was cracked and leaking on the underside.  So we are ordering a new sink that should come in sometime this week.  Of course no surprise it is a special size that has to be special ordered!  Nothing in stock would fit!

This is a few of the many changes happening at the new place.  I am adding a pantry wall and coffee bar to the old dining room area to pull this room into being part of the new kitchen.  It will also give us much more storage since the original kitchen area is so small.

I know this post was pieces here and there but I hope to have a final reveal soon with all the changes done and in place.

It is taking time with my "handyman Terry" only available on the weekends now!  We have also had a few birthday parties and weddings in the mix over the weekends too.  So not a whole lot of time available.  I am happy so far with the changes and hope to finish the kitchen soon.

Then we can get the bathroom painted and put back together.  We are waiting on finishing up the bathroom because the contractor has a whole in the wall to hook the plumbing from that bathroom upstairs to the new to be bathroom down stairs.

Lots to still be done but it is coming along.

Have a great week.  Miss all of you and hope to have some reveals soon.

We are having a great time living with our daughter and son in law and grand girls but I still feel deep in my heart I need my own home again.  Hopefully soon.