Totally love this idea!

I am getting ready for my annual Charity Girlfriend Party this Friday.  I am cleaning and getting food prep done this week.  I thought I was all done planning things for this party and then I saw something really cute on my bff Diana's blog Nana Diana Takes A Break that she does with ginger bread boys for guest leaving her home.

Light bulb went off!!  

Here is Diana's post on this cute idea.

I baked Angel Wing Sprinkle Cookies for the girls coming to the party and thought how fun would it be to tie these off in bags and hang them on my advent calendar on my back door.  That way each girl can take a cookie as they leave the party.

All these girls that come to the party are sweet angels in my life so these cookies are a nice reminder of how they make my life sweeter to have them in it.

Thanks Diana for letting me steal,  oh wait steal is such an ugly word,  I mean borrow and be inspired by your idea!!! Yeah that is what it was!!!!

This is my Chalkboard Advent Calendar.  Each day has a cute little brown paper bag.  The brown bags have seen better days so next year I will have to come up with something cute to hang on this calendar instead of the bags.  I am sure I can find something creative and fun.

I baked my "famous" asked for angel wing sugar cookies and sprinkled each one with fairy dust sprinkles.  I then tied them off in a cello bag and hung them on the Advent Calendar.
The recipe for these sugar cookies can be found here on my pinterest board.  So easy to make and so yummy.

Here they are hung on the calendar ready for each girl that leaves the party to take one home for the car ride.  You always need a roader treat for the car ride home right?!!!!

Thanks Diana for this fun little idea.  I loved her gingerbread men hung by her front door and each guest as they leave cuts a little guy to take home.  Super sweet.  That Diana is the hostess with the mostess.

As we slide on down to the big day.  Enjoy all the decorating, shopping, wrapping and baking prep.
I have most of my stuff done and am a head of the game this year.  Just feels like I can relax and enjoy the holidays more being on top of things.

Big Hugs,
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