The sun is coming out after the storm.  Yeah!!!!  After all the disappointment in the floor situation and delays on the garage build we finally are on a good path.  I am almost afraid to type that for fear of jinxing something!!!

We have been looking at this scenario way too long.   Piles of dirt and stuff everywhere!  I have to laugh because that round table was left at the house when we purchased it and we have not done anything to donate it or throw it away.  It has stood up to all the work going on out in the back.  Poor little table.

Yep! love seeing worker bee's busy in the backyard!

Yeah!!! garage footings and floor poured!  Ahhhh we have waited 6 weeks for this day! 

After weeks of permit wrangling and worker crew issues and final inspections we now have the garage footings and floors poured.  Now this has to sit and cure for 7 more days and then the garage can be built.

Oh how I cannot wait to be showing you decor pics of chippy whites and cottage decor galore.

  Soon I hope to show something cottage and cute going on and not cement pics!
 As soon as the garage is finished and the new driveway installed we should be able to move in.  Probably about 3 more weeks.

The floor guys have been busy installing the new floors and new moldings inside the house so I hope they will be done by tomorrow and out of my house forever!!!!  

There is so much dust everywhere from the tearing out of the floor and then the cutting and installation of the new floors.  So I am going to have to spend a lot of time in there cleaning down the new appliances, walls and blinds and windows.  Ugh!!!  

Hoping to have some sweet floor pics to share with you this weekend.  Keeping my fingers crossed I will not see the floor guys there on Saturday when I arrive at the house!

Have a great weekend ahead.

White Living Rooms

Caroline Gilbert contacted me some time ago and asked if she could feature my white chippy shutter wall in their Shutterfly feature of 75 Refreshing White Living Rooms.

I thought I would share the link with you today so for all you neutral and lover of all things white could enjoy looking at some of these white living rooms.  They are all so pretty.  Enjoy.

75 Refreshing White Living Rooms

Have a wonderful rest of the week.  Floor guy is finishing up floors in the new cottage.   Hope to have some new pretty floors to reveal soon.  

Some Positive

Whew..... I feel like all I have done with my blog posts is whine and show disappointment.  With any renovation there is always going to be bumps (literally in my floors lol).  So I am staying hopeful and positive we will have a pretty little cottage to move into soon.

Take a few minutes today to stop and smell some flowers.
Have a great new week.
Hope to have a floor of pretty reveal for you soon.


Seriously just when you think things are going in a better direction you get a curve ball thrown.

After the disappointment of finding out the hardwood floors in this house could not be saved Terry and I found a nice new floor to be put down over the hard woods.

We found this great new floor and I was excited to have the flooring guy start the next day to install these floors.

Once again that excitement was quickly extinguished when the floor guy told us that a long patch along the living room and down the hall to the bedrooms was crowning.  Crowning meaning the floor was bowing way too much to have the new floors just laid over the top of them.

Ok Seriously?!!! So now what?  The floor guy looked at me and said we can just take out the part of the flooring that is crowning and could replace it with 3/4 underlayment.  Still was going to add more to the budget but at least that was better than tearing out all the floors.

So tear out began of the hardwoods from the living room down to the bedrooms.  Today this area will have the 3/4 underlayment put down to level out the floor with the rest of the hard woods.

Then they can finish putting down the new floors.  That is the plan at least unless Mr. Floor guy finds any more issues.

Floor guy got the guest room done and this is how the floors are beginning to look.

I love these floors.  They look and feel like real hard woods.  I like the wider planks for a more cottage feel.

I really hope there are no more issues anywhere in this house and we can move forward on the renovations.

I am seriously tired of hearing bad news and the statement "it is what it is"!!!  I  do not want any more bad news and I want a house to move into soon.

I am sure a lot of you are tired of coming to JCC and seeing my house of horrors and want to see some cute cottage decorated rooms.

I am trying to do that for me and for you.  Hopefully soon I can move in and unpack my chippy cottage whites and begin to make this sweet little cottage into our home.

I am not sure why my video would not play so I just deleted it until I can figure this one out.

Yikes it is always something!
Have a great start to the new week.