New Beginnings at JCC III

Happy New Week.  Hope your holiday weekend was good.  We had a very productive weekend starting some things at the new house.

This is the picture of the house when we took ownership last Thursday.  

I am not a fan of Juniper bushes.  They are usually half dead and bite!!! I do not like bushes that are prickly!   So we removed the two under the window.

I added these 60 inch black flower boxes under each side of the front house windows.  We also trimmed back the tall evergreens on each side of the entry too. 

After the Juniper bushes were removed I moved around some hosta's and planted knock out rose bushes under the windows.  

I added my bird house from the old house out front.  I feel like it needs a little wreath or some bling under the bird house entry hole.  I will be working on that!!!

Filled the flower boxes with some of my fave annuals. 

I love knock out roses.  They are easy to plant and very low maintenance.  They bloom all summer and into the fall.

I added a couple of urns planted with sun loving geraniums.  Added my wreath to the front door and a new painted mail box I got on Etsy.

Don't you love this sweet hand painted mailbox.  It was made by Teresa Moran at her Etsy site called A Beautiful Gift.  Teresa has not reimbursed me to give her this shout out.  I just like to let you know about very talented peeps that I purchased from on Etsy.  You can check out her other painted items she sells on Etsy here.

I also planted impatients out around the tree in the front yard.  This little girl with her bunnies was left by the previous owner.  I think she is very cute and she will be perfect out there as the impatients fill in.

I have a hanging bag of rose impatients out on the tree.

Removing those two bushes really opened up the front of the house.

Hopefully as summer moves on the new plants will begin to fill in the front of the cottage.

We have begun to do some work on the inside of the house and I hope to have pictures of some of those changes soon.

Waiting to see if we get some news this week on the building permits being granted so the contractor can start on the garage build and the basement work.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was fun and safe.  I took some time to think about how blessed we are to have the wonderful men and women that have served our country in the past and the ones that are now serving and have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Have a great start to the new week.