This week end I did a DYI project in my kitchen.  I had the hubby take down this cabinet.
After the cabinet came down

A little paint touch up on the wall

My husband then built me two shelves to put my dishes on.  I like the open shelf concept for my dishes.

A few little decor items added below the shelf

I love this old vintage cheese box I got for a dollar at the flea market!!!!! Love those little finds.
Not hard at all got this done in one day today.
My husband also added back the puck lights I had going under the cabinet.  It is hard to take pictures in this kitchen with my camera but the lights under the shelves really are pretty at night.
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 I thought I would try another shot of the shelves with some of the cabinets showing to give perspective on how the open shelves are in place of the cabinet. I was going to go all the way across but I have open shelving on the opposite wall see the next picture so I decided to go on a smaller scale.