New Year New Changes

As we approach the new year.  I decided I need change ups but this year my new challenge will be to do the transformations and not spend any money.  To rediscover and use what I already have to get a new and fresh look.

After taking down the Christmas decor I decided to start the  change up a few things that were easy peasy.

I flip flopped my bedroom drapes with the living room drapes.  These are not as fufu for the living room space.

The Shabby Chic Rachel Ashwell curtains with the ruffles are better in the bedroom.  I love that I have a big picture window in my bedroom.  It lets a lot of light in and I can see out into the garden area so I really do not want a heavy cover up on this window.  So these curtains from the living room let in a lot of light.

Easy Change up just switching out curtains and getting a whole new look in each room.

I have had this old grandfather clock for years.  I got it a Montgomery Wards years ago.  It is not the real deal and it has been several colors through the years.   I have always loved this clock.  It stopped working a while back so I just did not want to part with it so this is what I came up with.

I married the clock I had hanging on the wall with the grandfather clock.  The hubby attached the wall clock  to this grandfather clock.  Easy fix and I still have both the clocks I love but now this one is working.

It was just a matter of taking the door off and attaching the new clock to the top of the grandfather clock.  Then I painted the non working pendulum and weights to shabby it up some.  Now I have a "new" old grandfather clock.

I am excited to start to transform my kitchen.  Just some fresh paint and a little cabinet up do and restyling.  I hope to start that after the first of the year.  No money spent transformations are about to begin!

Have a wonderful New Year.  Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments.  It  means a lot to me to get the feed back on my decor change ups.  I appreciate all the wonderful friendships I have made in this past year.

Beautiful Chicago Day

Every year my family and I go downtown Chicago to see the lights and enjoy the city at Christmas time.  This year we did not do our usual outing before Christmas with the temps around here being so  cold.  We waited for a day when we knew the temps would be better and we could all go before all the lights and Christmas came down.

Today was the perfect day 50 degrees!!!!! So we boarded the train and downtown Chicago we went.  

Abby eating her granola bar on the train going into the city.  These pictures were all taken on my Iphone so sorry for the quality.  I did not think to grab my camera before leaving the house.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to walk around the city.  This is a picture of the Chicago River.  It felt like Spring with the temps being in the low 50's.

Abby traveling in style.  I wanted a turn at being pushed through the city in the minnie mouse stroller!!!!

My son in law Tim, my daughter Jen and Abby as we left Union Train Station to start our fun day. 

Me, the hubby and my other daughter Kimmie.  Such a beautiful day.  Little windy as you can see by our hairdo's!

It is always so much fun in the city of Chicago.  On every corner you will find entertainment.  This statue came to life and danced and sang for us.  Abby loved this.

Then one of our traditions is to have dinner at Lawry's.  It is the old McCormick Mansion that is a Prime Rib Restaurant.  Lots of history, great prime rib and a beautiful old mansion.

I tried to get a picture over Tim's head of some of the lovely architecture.  This room was the grand ball room where the McCormick family entertained royalty, presidents and friends.  Again sorry for the quality of the pictures.

This is a shot of the beautiful hand carved staircase that leads to the upstairs of the mansion.  Little Abby is peeking over the rail at the top.

Just a gorgeous spiral stair case.

All of us in front of one of the many Christmas trees throughout the mansion.

Our favorite tradition is to stop and get the yummy famous Garrett's popcorn after dinner.  You wait in line to get in this place for the best ever carmel crisp popcorn or Chicago mix of carmel and cheese.  Yum.  It is fresh and hot and melts in your mouth.  Totally worth the wait in line.

Abby chilling out on the train ride home.  We had a wonderful family day.  It is hard to get firefighters and nurses all on the same day off to enjoy a family day together.  This was truly fun today and to have the break in the weather like we did was so fantastic.  Could not have picked a better day.

We went down the magnificent mile (Michigan Avenue) to see the pretty lights and store fronts.  Then State Street to Macy's to see the windows done up for Christmas and to visit the Kris Kringle Market.  So many wonderful things to do in this grand city.

Next time I will bring my camera and take more pictures. The windows and Christmas decor in the city is so pretty.
If you are ever in Chicago you must try Garretts!! So yummy.

Have a great week end.

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Hope all of you enjoyed being with family and friends for Christmas.

Now we are onto a new year and new beginnings and lots of wonderful inspiration.

At Junk Chic Cottage we will be looking at this outside for a few more months.

So with snow on the ground and very cold temps ahead I am hoping to work on some transformations on the inside of Junk Chic Cottage.

This is where just a few short months ago a lovely blooming garden stood.  So until our weather changes and we move on into Spring and Summer I am going to work on the inside for these long winter months.

Hope you will join me in the coming months to see new transformations inside.  My motto for this year will be doing wonderful transformations and spending very little money to do so.  Using some paint and what you already have to make wonderful transformations.

Susan and I will be starting up our Saturday Spotlight in January and we have a wonderful line up of bloggers for you to get to know on a more personal level.  Looking forward to more time with each and everyone of you.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Merry Christmas From Junk Chic Cottage

From My Home To Yours.  I Wish Each and Everyone of You a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Beginning to the New Year.

I have enjoyed this past year of blogging and have loved all the support, inspiration and friendships I have made with each of you.  May you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and enjoy all the blessing the season brings.
Merry Christmas
Junk Chic Cottage


  1. Thank you so much Kris to have shared with us your sweet home and creations, such a pleasure and inspirations.
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  2. Thank you for all your inspirations this year........Merry Christmas!!!
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    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design
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    Merry Christmas to you & yours
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  14. Kris,
    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Your posts always leave a warm cozy feeling afterwards.
    Back to baking my Grands cookie requests!
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    Berst wishes
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