Spotlight: The Blogger Behind The Talent.

  Kris from Junk Chic Cottage, and myself (Susan) Must Love Junk wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.
We decided to start off this feature with ourselves, and give you a more personal glimpse into our 'real lives' so that you can get to know us a little better!
We'd love to hear what you think of this new feature!  Without further ado...


Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  

Saturday Spotlight:
 The Talent Behind the Blogger.

I am Kris from Junk Chic Cottage

 I have been doing my blog a little over a year now.  When I started my blog I did not think anyone would get me or my style.  I was so wrong.  It is amazing all the wonderful bonds I have made with other bloggers.  It was wonderful that someone else would get the love I have of re loving old salvage pieces, like doors and windows into my decor.

I am a nurse by profession but am a decorator by heart.  My passion is my home and having it reflect the things I love.  I have been married for 32 years to a Fire Chief that is amazing and talented with tools.  He can take my visions and make them work. You have to love a man with tools and that knows how to use them!!!

My husband Terry and myself.

We have two grown daughters.  My oldest daughter is married and they have a beautiful little daughter.  My granddaughter Abby is the love of our lives.  My other daughter is following in my foot steps as a nurse.  She has a  caring heart and loves her job of taking care of people.  I am so proud that both my daughters have grown to become the women they are.  They both make a big difference in this  world we live in.

My husband Terry and son in law Tim.  They are both firefighters and heroes in our lives.

My daughter Jennifer, her husband Tim and their daughter Abby

Love of our lives.  Our granddaughter Abby.

My daughter Kim and her baby, our grand dog Penny.

My daughter Kim following in my footsteps as a nurse.

We have a 10 year old basset hound named Libby that lives with us.

I enjoy decorating my home and writing for my blog.  My family is the most important part of my life and I cherish them.  I love to surround myself with old salvage pieces of history and have them become part of my decor. The more vintage and chippy the piece the better.

You will find old and chippy doors throughout my home. My signature pieces in my home.

I used old farmhouse doors to make a headboard for my bedroom.  I can admit I am a door hoarder!!!!

Old horse barn door.

Something else to know about me is I have an addiction for magazines and decorating books.  I have them stored everywhere throughout my home.

Pretty much anything salvage I can re purpose and re use in my home is my signature.

My nest is small but full of unique charm.

Well there you have it a little bit of personal information about me.  I have enjoyed learning and becoming bloggie friends with so many of you.  Please hop over to Susan's blog and let her introduce herself to you.  Please leave us a comment and give us some feedback on our new feature.  Thanks for letting us share a little about ourselves.
Kris :) and Susan :)

The Winners Are!!!!!!!!!

First let me say thank you to all of you that left a beautiful comment congratulating me on my very first publication.  This is a exciting honor for me to be in this beautiful magazine.

I have only been blogging for a little over a year and have met so many of you wonderful bloggers.  You truly give me inspiration and have been so supportive of me and my blog. I am truly blessed.  

I put all of your names into a bowl and had my husband pick out the winners.  So if your name is listed below please contact me with your full name and address so I can mail you a copy of this beautiful magazine.

The magazine is due to hit the shops and book stores where it is sold August 1st.  
Congratulations to the following:

Jody from Rooted in Thyme

Roxie from Sweet Vintage of Mine

Melanie from Comfy House

Teresa from Magazine your Home

Judy from Gold Country Cottage

Patti from Ivy and Elephants

Carol from Art and Sand

Congratulations to all of you.  I should receive my copies some time in the next week and I will ship them out to each of you.
My email is