Kitchen Cabinets

Happy New Week Everyone.

Things are moving along with the sale of Junk Chic Cottage II.  In negotiations with our buyers  we agreed to put the kitchen cabinets back up for them.  

I loved the open concept of the shelves but it is not everyone's taste and storage was their main priority.  Thankfully we had the shelves still.  Terry had hung them in the garage for storage.

So here is my kitchen the way I had it.

I liked the open feel of the shelves in this galley kitchen.  Not everyone embraces the open concept of shelves.

So back up went the cabinets for the new buyers.  They said they would paint them white so we are thankful with all we have going on they will do that.  They just asked us to rehang them.

My open shelf on the coffee bar side of the kitchen.

They wanted a cabinet put back up.  So we did that for them.  Terry had added crown molding to all the cabinets when we moved in.  I am not sure if they will do that to these cabinets that we rehung.  I think it would look better and make the cabinets look more like the others but it is their choice.

Taking down my shelves and starting the packing process is helping me to detach from this home.

Nothing has come on the market for us but I am staying hopeful we will not be homeless come May when we close on this one!

Have a wonderful week.  Hope to have some news to share on finding the new Junk Chic Cottage III soon.