More Progress. New Floors and A New Front Door.

Happy New Week Everyone.

We have progress on the garage build.  They put the roof on yesterday and will be putting up the siding this week along with the garage door.  We are in the home stretch hopefully now with this garage.

We have had a few set backs this week with the contractor using the wrong wood in the ceiling and  the inspector shutting down any more building until that was fixed.    Ughhhhh!
I cannot wait for all of these crews to leave our lives.  I will not miss any of this!

Once the garage is done hopefully this week we can set up for the move in.  We will not have the drive way done until after we move in.

They do not want us putting the heavy POD with our stored stuff  on the new drive.  We will have to wait on getting the new driveway done until after our stuff is moved in.   At least we are moving closer to moving in.  I am almost afraid to type that statement!!!!

The new floors  have wide planks and a real wood feel.   Gives a nice cottage feel to the rooms.  This floor is easy peasy to clean.  Just swifter them and it is all good.   I have these new cottage floors throughout the house.

This is our old front door.  While it was ok I was not into the gold hardware and gold running through the window in the door.  A little dated for me!

I got this craftsman cottage door at Home Depot.  It was on sale and would give the house a more cottage entrance.  Terry had to make a few adjustments with the hardware not lining up from the old door to this new one.  Of course it did not line up no shocker there with how things go for us.  It was all ok, Terry has tools and could make this all work!!!

Since we are over budget with the set backs on the garage and basement I did not have any money for new door hardware.  No problem just took off all the old hardware and used this spray paint with primer to make all the pieces look new.

It worked pretty good.

This door has a better curb appeal and cottage feel.

Have a great new week ahead.  Wish us luck on getting the garage done without any more road blocks and the basement walls and ceilings in this week too.

On a sweet note before I close this post.  We are going to adopt this sweet little girl.  Thanks for all your positive input on us adopting this sweet fur baby.

Her given name is Rosa and she is 6 years old.
It looks like her breeding days are over so that is why she is up for adoption.

While the breeder takes good care of his dogs they still are in a kennel and not in homes to be loved.  I wish I could take them all.  I am just glad this sweet girl has stopped cycling so she can now become a pet and loved in our home.

Rosa had a rough start to life in a home where she was not well cared for so the breeder took her back to breed because of her family line of show quality dogs.

Unfortunately for the breeder he only got one litter out of her and she has not cycled anymore.
I feel she is not cycling anymore with the stress of being pulled out of a home and put into kennel life.
 This is a business to him and he has no use for her once they cannot breed anymore.  This is why he is looking to place one of his prized  breeding dogs into a home.  Unfortunate for him but soooo fortunate for us.  We will take her in and love her like we did Cooper.

Now for a little help from all of you.

The breeder has not called her by her given name in the 2 years he has had her.  She will come to just about any name she is called.
We thought about leaving her name as Rose instead of Rosa,  but since that makes no difference to her what we call her we want to rename her.

Cooper's Name was Roscoe and he never answered to that and took to his name of Cooper that we gave him.  So we hope that Rosa will do the same if we change her name.

Here are the top three names we have picked out for her.  Would love for you to leave a vote for the one you think is a good one.

Emmy or Emma

Have a great week.