All Moved In JCC#4

Hello sweet friends.

We are officially all moved into Junk Chic Cottage #4.  

Still have more unpacking and decorating to do but most of the big stuff is done.  

The plans for this porch!!!

See where the light is that is going to have a new chandelier light eventually. 

The cement stairs will be painted yellow or white to compliment the door or trim. 

I was only bringing a few of my flowers along to this house so next year I can see the front of this house all dolled up with lots more flowers. 

I need to work on the flower beds too. 
They need some love.

The few flowers I did bring are looking good.  It has been so hot here that I have had to water a couple of times a day.

Terry laid down a kitchen floor and bathroom floor last week.  
We painted and did trim in all the rooms except the office area.  
That will get done eventually.  

Terry could not take off of work last week with just starting the new job.  
Last week after closing he and I would come here early in the am and paint until he went to work and then he would come back and join me at night.  

I did a lot of the painting and my wrists and arms are feeling it!!!!

Our vacation starts tomorrow for a week in Michigan.  

It is our family vacation and we rented a beautiful old house with a pool and off the deck you can see the beach and lake.  

We bought and sold a house made it through inspection problems.  
Did packing and moving and all the painting and cleaning and fixing of the new place.
  I am so ready to lay on the beach or around the pool next week.

When I get back from vacation and start to put my decorating touches in the rooms I will start to post again.

Just got my computer up and running at the house today.

Have a wonderful weekend and great week.


Hi Sweet Blogging Friends.

We have been cleaning, painting and renovating the new house. I miss all of you and hope to be back to blogging soon.  I can’t wait to start to show you the changes to Junk Chic Cottage # 4.  Here is just a peek.  My signature white trim and white walls. The walls are being painted in Pixal White. White paint family with a touch of gray.
Wishing all of you a good week.