Refrigerator Make Over

Hello Sweet Friends.
My design assistant and I want to share the refrigerator makeover with you today.  As you will see towards the end of this post it is still a work in progress.
My refrigerator just kind of was open and free standing in the room.

Winter Blues

Hello Sweet Friends.
Happy Monday.

I am adding more blue to my whites in the living room and dining room.
I wanted to show you a rug I just got from Amazon.  Actually it was from Wayfair just got it through my Amazon Prime.   It was a bargain at $60 for a 5X7.  
I always hate buying rugs on line because of the difference in colors on the computer.  
With my Amazon Prime if I did not like it when it arrived I could just take it to Kohl's and they would return it to Amazon for me.  
I would not have to package it up and try to get it shipped back.