Girlfriend Christmas Party

Hello Everyone.

Every year for a long time now I have hosted a Girlfriend Charity Gift Christmas Party.  It is traditionally always the first Friday in December.

I am very blessed to have these beautiful and loving girlfriends in my life.  So each year I host this party in honor of the beautiful friendship we share.

Now that my two daughters are grown they also have sweet girlfriends in their lives that now share in the party with us.

I cannot even express how much these beautiful women give such meaning to my life.  Each of their generous hearts and souls make my life so much better.

We all wear our Christmas Jammies because we all know that it is more fun at a party in your jammies.  Eating, drinking and laughing are just so much better when you are relaxed in your comfy PJ's.

Each girlfriend brings an exchange gift. The gift has to have some or most of the proceeds benefit a charity of their choice.  Most of us pick a charity that is near and dear to our hearts.  It is amazing the gifts that each girls brings and the touching stories that go with the gifts.  We do a fun gift exchange game and each girl goes home with a beautiful gift.

Each girl got a light bulb blinking necklace to add some fun to their jammie choices.  

This year I had a slipper contest for the cutest slippers worn.  These were Diana's jingle bell elf slippers.  Just adorable.

Her daughter Mindy made her cute slippers.  Sorry this is a little fuzzy.  I was not thinking and should have taken a group shot of all the cute slippers worn.  There were so many cute ones.

I know a lot of you know Diana from Nana Diana Takes A Break Blog.  This is Diana and her sweet daughter Mindy.  Terry surprised me last year and arranged for Diana to come down to the party.  I was so excited and honored to have her at my party.  This year was even more fun that one of her daughters Mindy could join us.

We play lots of games.  This was a scratch off game to see who's been naughty and who's been nice.  

We played the saran wrap game.  This game is so much fun.  The person has to try and unwrap the saran wrap while the person next to her is rolling dice to try and get doubles to steal the saran wrap ball.  As the ball unwraps prizes fall out.  Lots of fun and it kept us laughing.

Then we play a game called LCR.  This game is the hit of the party.  This is my daughters friend winning the Santa Bag full of dollars.

I am sorry I did not take more pictures of the food tables and the slippers worn and some of the beautiful gifts.   I was having a great time and forgot.  The important part of the evening was celebrating our love for each other and having lots of fun.  Terry's Fireman/Man Cave will never be the same!!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend.  I hope to have some of my Christmas decor pics up soon.

Outside Christmas Lights

Hi Everyone.

Sharing my outside lights with you today.

Here is the house lights on at dusk.  The house gets to blurry to take pics when it gets really dark.  That is when it looks so pretty but bad for picture taking.

Simple icicle lights and white lights on the trees and bushes.

Instead of a traditional wreath I decided to put up my angel wings on the front door.
I found this cute welcome mat at Kirklands.

This tree made of old spindles was gifted to me last year by a good friend.  I added lights to it this year for the front entry.

I decorated up a wreath for reach of the front windows and added some white lights too.

The outside of the house is complete for the holidays.  I am embracing this living smaller.  I can get things decorated so much faster so there is more time to really enjoy the holidays.  I will have the inside soon to show you.

Hope as we slide on down into the holidays you are enjoying decorating, shopping, wrapping and baking.

I have my annual Girlfriend Charity Party tonight so I am hoping to remember to take pictures to show.  Sometimes when you are the hostess you get busy and forget to take pics!!!!!

Before you go.  Do you see the little photo bomber.  I know this picture is very grainy but if you look closely you will see the little photo bomber Peggy.  I was trying to take some night time shots and apparently she felt like she needed to be watching and supervising!!!!