Decor Interruption!

Just need to take a decor interruption today on my blog.  I need to brag just a wee bit.

Little Miss Charlotte came into our family last night.  We are beyond blessed.

My daughter Jen, SIL Tim, granddaughter Abby and our newest family member Charlotte.  One hour old!!!!

Abby is beyond excited to be a big sister.

MiMi and Charlotte!!!! It was love at first sight!
Ok just got my hair cut in a short pixie for summer.  No judgements on the short hair.  It is wash and wear hair for summer I call this cut my "summer hair." The girl that cut it went a little crazy with the scissors!
Luckily my hair grows like a weed.

Grandpa "Bop" Terry with Charlotte.  Abby calls me Mimi and Terry Bop.  We are not sure how she came up with Bop when she was little but she did and he is known as Bop!!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer day.  We certainly have been blessed in the past 24 hours.  Just love enjoying this new bundle of joy to our family.
Have a great week.

Guest Room and bath reveal

Happy Monday everyone.  Thought I would share some pictures of my guest room and guest bathroom and the beginnings of our Master Bedroom and bathroom re do.

This was a before pic of the guest room when we looked at this town home.  Woo she had two twin babies and a toddler in this room!  They were busting at the seams.

After picture of new guest room.  The walls are painted in snow drift that is white with a touch of gray.  I hope to replace this carpet upstairs when Terry finds a job.  For now it is a good carpet just hard to keep clean.

Everything in this room I had from the old house.  The only new thing is that awesome architectural piece about my angel picture over the guest room bed.  I got that recently at the three french hens market I went to with a friend.

Just such an awesome piece and it frames my angel picture so beautifully.  That was such a great score to find.

My mom is coming in for a stay in a few weeks so I wanted to have some good reads for her by the bedside.  The one book is written by my friend Diana from Nana Diana Takes a Break blog.  If you have not read her first published book this is a great summer read.  I left it for my mom to enjoy at night before she goes to sleep.

I was able to use this old cabinet piece in the room and also my vintage window framed mirror from the old house.

I love that it reflects the light and my angel.

Now on to the Guest Bathroom.  


Yikes the dark red this bathroom was!!!!!!


I used Behr Marque paint.  Guaranteed to cover in one coat over any color.  So with the dark red I decided to use this to see if that were true.  Yep one coat and it covered all the red nicely.   
This mirror is off my great grandmothers dresser.  I have had this pretty mirror forever and never had a place to use it.  It looks great in this new guest bathroom.

I hung one of my old posts I had.  This will be nice for my guest to hang their robe on and the old vintage frames I had work nicely to have hooks for towels.  The bench was from my old dining room set in the old house.  Worked perfectly in this bathroom.  It is a big guest bathroom.  Love the nice open space in this bathroom.  I will show you the shower curtains I am having done for both this bathroom and my master when they arrive.  I am excited to have some  new shower curtains created for both of these bathroom.  So more to follow on those.

Perfect for hanging a robe or towel for my guests.

Cooper loves to lay in this bathroom on hot days.  This bathroom floor feels nice to him.

Here is my Powder Room on the First Level.

This is the hall way right outside the powder room

This hall way also leads to the kitchen which I hope to show you soon.  Almost done in there.  Just tweaking!

This is the powder room on the first floor.  Painted in the snow drift color.  I brought that old cottage door mirror I had in my other bathroom to use in this powder room.  

Sometimes it is the little touches that just make you smile.  I just added an old piece of chippy wood behind this regular ole toilet paper holder and it just gave a chippy vintage vibe.  So simple.

I was able to hang this old arched church window I had hanging in my old master bath in the old house.  Love that the things I saved and brought with me can be used in the new house.  It was hard to figure out what to save and what to let go of before we moved with not having a new home yet.  So I am excited that almost all my favorite pieces I brought with are able to fit somewhere in this new home.

Sneak peek at the new Master Bedroom.  Still working on this room and my master bath.  I will have finished pictures soon.

Thanks for your visit today.  I have to say with being in the new place less than a month.  Terry and I have gotten so much done in a short time.  Just some tweaking on the upstairs and getting a few things done in the kitchen and we will be finished.  Well at least finished for now lol!  You know me and change.  Just with doing so much painting and change ups to every room in this new home I am ready for a break.  I want to enjoy the rest of the summer and our new little grand
baby due this Thursday.  So it will be nice to not have the new house to worry about and we can enjoy a summer break and the new addition to our family.

 Have a great new week.  Enjoy every minute.  I will have the kitchen and master bath and bedroom soon.  So excited for Charlotte Grace our new grand baby to arrive in just a few days.  Abby is so excited to be a big sister and we are beyond thrilled to have another grand baby to love.  While life has been a real roller coaster for us this past year with lots of disappointments and hardship we have many wonderful blessing too.  This new addition to the family being a beautiful blessing.