Adoption Day

Hi Everyone.  Woooooo long day in the car but so worth it.  We left Chicago at 6:30am and got to Cincinnati at noon their time.  They are an hour ahead of us.  Here is pics of our new little member of our family.

The Foster family called him Roscoe.  They did not know his name when he was rescued from the kill shelter.  So since he does not answer to Roscoe we changed his name to Cooper.  Terry wanted to name him Cooper.  Surprisingly he comes when we call him Cooper.  Go figure!!!!

Here is Terry, myself and our granddaughter Abby picking up Cooper today.  He is just a big ball of love.
What a great little guy.  He loved all the dogs at the adoption center and everyone he came in contact with.

Cooper has taken a great liking to Terry.  I think they are forever buds!!!! He would not let Terry out of his sight.

Cooper loves everyone.  Kids, other dogs, just about everyone.  His tail never stopped wagging.

Here is Cooper on his car ride home.  He was a trooper in the car for the 5 hour drive.  We stopped a few times and he did his business and right back in the car and slept most of the drive.

He is just the best little guy ever.  We are so in love with him.  I think he rescued us more than we rescued him.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on our new family member.
We can't wait to move him into the new house with us.

My heart grew just a little bit bigger today with this new guy in our lives.

Have a wonderful week end.

New Addition Coming

Hi Everyone.  Terry and I are getting excited to be closing on our new home in about a month we are also excited to be adding a new addition to our family.

As a lot of you know we lost our sweet Libby about 3 weeks ago.  We have had two basset hounds during our 35 years of married life.  Libby being our last sweet girl.  Libby was was 14 and gave us such love.  We lost her suddenly to a tumor on her spleen bleeding out.  A tumor we did not know she had.  So that was a shock and such loss for us.

By a secret angel we learned of a basset hound in Cincinnati Ohio that was in need of a new home.  So they sent me the pictures and we fell deeply in love.  We filled out the adoption paper work and they called us today and told us we were picked to give this guy a new forever home.

He is 7 years old so not a puppy and is crate trained and needs a little work on the housebreaking.  The people that owned him left him tethered outdoors 24/7 so he needs to learn how to go potty outside.  The Foster angels that have him said he is getting really good at going outside.  That we will probably have to work on with him.

So we have lots of exciting things happening.  New member of our family and also a new home.

We close on the new home the middle of April and then we agreed to give the sellers up to 30 days to move out after closing.  So it may be the middle of May before we are in the new home.  This guy is with other dogs in the Foster home so I think he will get along fine with my daughters dogs where we are staying.

I have always had puppies from breeders so this is the first time we will be adopting an adult dog.  I hope with lots of love this goofy guy will fit right in with us.  The foster family said he is a big love and a very quiet dog which most basset hounds are.

So this Saturday we will be taking a road trip from Chicago to Cincinnati to pick this guy up.

I cannot wait to meet him and bring him home.  They named him Roscoe and they do not know his real name.  We are thinking of changing his name.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  Maybe Wally, Fred!!!!!!

Have a great rest of the week.