New Project

Happy Valentine's Day

Sweet Terry brought me home this beautiful bouquet of love.  Each Valentine's Day he brings me a bouquet of all my favorite flowers.  Hydrangea's, pink carnations and beautiful white roses.  Reminds me that Spring and Summer are hopefully around the corner soon for us here in the midwest.

I am working on a new project to show you soon.  What on earth is this you ask?  Well stay tuned and I will be showing you soon what this will be transformed and re loved into.  Peggy my design assistant is curious too!

I will give you a hint.  These were made in the early 60's by a company right here in Chicago called Saginaw.  I have been looking for one of these pieces for awhile.  They are rare to find in great condition like this one was.  I had to drive to Fondulac Wisconsin about a 2.5 hour drive from where I live in Illinois to snatch up this piece.  It was well worth the trip in a snow storm I might add to get this beautiful piece of history.

As you have heard me say we are learning to live small and utilize and be creative with the space we have.   We are working creatively so this tiny house can accommodate our needs.  This piece is going to be a great piece to have in this tiny cottage home.

Stay tuned hopefully this weekend I will have this piece ready to show in it's new re loved style.

Terry and his mighty tools have been working hard on this piece to make it new and pretty for our cottage decor.

Have a beautiful day.  Happy Valentine's Day.