Just a quick little DIY post today.

I am having a girlfriend Favorites Party coming up next month.  This party is where each girlfriend brings one gift nicely wrapped that is their favorite item.  Then we do a gift exchange.  It is a lot of fun and we always have a theme to the party.  This summer's party is flip flops and tropical pleasures.

Each girlfriend will also bring one small favorite thing like their favorite candy bar or chap stick or makeup, nail polish etc. one for each guest.  I am making cute favorite gift bags and each guest will put their small favorite thing in each bag and everyone goes home with a favorite favor bag full of fun things.

I will post more on this party as I get closer.  I have prizes for different things.  Each person brings a new and fun summer time appetizer and the one that brings the best new appetizer will win a prize.  We also will have a prize for the cutest flip flops worn to the party.  Then we usually do a few fun games.  It is a great night for us all together and have some girls night out fun.

So for two of the prizes I made these chalk paint wine glasses.  I saw this on pinterest and thought "Hey" I have chalkboard paint and I got some pretty wine glasses to paint.

So I got two sets of cute wine glasses (6) in a set at HomeGoods.

Got out my paint brushes.

Painted the bases of the wine glasses with chalk board paint.  About 3 coats did the trick.

Will tie off a little package of white chalk with each set of wine glasses.  For very little money you have a cute hostess gift or prize in my case to give at the Girlfriend Get Together.  These are super cute and each person then can put their name on their wine glass or you could write a cute saying for the party.  I hope who ever wins these sets as a prize loves them.
Well have a great week end.  It is humid and rainy here so I am doing some inside projects.

Happy First Day of Summer!!!!
It is official and summer has started.  This is my favorite time of year.  Sunshine, birds singing and every beautiful flower in full bloom.

I am so happy my blooms are doing so well this year.  Everything is doubling in size with the rain, sunshine and Miracle Grow.

Thought I would share an update on my garden. To wish you Happy Official Start of Summer.
The summer house is in full bloom.

My bike is over flowing with blooms and it is only June!!!!

The potting bench is over flowing too!!!!

My bag of petunias that are hanging on the old vintage door are doing great .  They love the late afternoon sun.

My old cottage door that I added the chippy flower box is loving all the sun it gets.

Loving my chippy old door potting table.  Love to pot new flowers on that old table.

My other bike is really loving where it is at this summer.  I normally put impatiens in this flower bed but with the mold scare I debuted on what to put in the beds and I chose the petunias and I am glad I did they are doing great.  I love my impatiens and how they would mound in my flower beds but the petunias are doing a good job of filling in nicely.

I have had this old potting shed door for years and I just love to put it in the garden each year.

Just says Summer.

Back yard watering cans ready for action!!!!

This was my angel water feature that no longer would pump water so I could not bear to part with her so I just planted her too.

Ha! my husband's shed.  With him being a fire chief have to have something to reflect that near the shed!!!!!

This is the party tree!!!! My apple tree that I have many bird feeders in her branches.  The many different birds, squirrels and bunnies love to party under this tree.  I cannot put flowers in these beds as the bunnies eat everything!!!!!  I wish I  could capture a time when the squirrels and bunnies and different birds are all together eating.  It is the cutest thing to watch.

This is my family of sparrows summer home.  They love this home each spring and summer to start their family.

Gotta have a little romance in the garden with candles.

OMG!!!!! My petunia's are so full of bloom and color.  At this rate of growing I will soon not be seeing my garden gate.

The lovely  Carol from Art and Sand blog was so sweet and offered to make me a pillow for my old chippy bench.  I told her she will have to hold on that sweet thought because this plant has taken the bench hostage for now!!!!!

Well my friends hope your official start to summer is giving you beautiful and sunny days.  I just love the lazy days of summer.
My chair is calling to me!!!!


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Happy Wednesday Everyone. The lovely and talented Becky at Time Washed hosts her party Blissful Whites Wednesday each week.  It is always so inspiring to see what talent is going on at the party.  Well my follow bloggers this week she is throwing in a little extra with the party.  Yep! she is having a giveaway on her blog.  If you have not been to Becky's blog or her Etsy site it is a must.  Please jump over to check them both out.  Her giveaway is amazing.