What Sings My Soul

Hello Everyone.  We are getting close now to the big day.  Hope you all have enjoyed this time getting ready.

I collect angels and I was gifted a couple of angels this past week.  
I could hardly contain myself when I opened up the package.  
They are now in my Christmas decor.  I thought I would share them with you.

This sweet angel with her red bell just makes my heart beat a little faster.  She is the sweetest angel and all her special touches.

I love her grey and white dress along with her silver halo and trim.  It is hard to find pretty angels with blonde hair.  This one is just so sweet with her blonde locks.

She looks pretty at night when the lights on the tree are on.  I decided she is the Snowflake Angel in my tree.

Love her pretty sparkle with her silver trim.

I am naming her Joy.  That is what she brings me every time I look at her.

I have been having fun moving her around my living room to different places.

This sweet gifted angel ornament was in the tree at first.
 She also looked sweet with my snowflake theme to the tree.

She is totally sweet with her lace trim and blonde locks.

This is where she ended up.  I was also gifted this beautiful chippy sign.  She looks perfect adorned here on the sign.
My angel friend that made these gifts for me made my day.  I am so blessed she gifted me with these beautiful angels and sign.
My tree was too big to put in front of the mirror like I wanted but it does reflect the tree which is just as good.

I think it looks pretty reflecting in the mirror.

I also was gifted this sweet cherub pot and floral vignette from a dear friend at my girlfriend party.  Very soft and pretty in my decor.

Well sweet blogging angels.  I will be signing off until the first of the new year.  

I need some down time to enjoy the last few days before Christmas and to have some time with my family.

Just a short blogging break.  
I will be back in January to show you how a wall can come down and open up my tiny rooms into a more open concept.

Let's hope this project goes smoothly.  Terry has the tools ready and has thought this out.  

 I think we will be off to a great start on this project come January.

Love you all and wish all of you a
Very Merry Christmas.

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