Kitchen Reveal

Hi Everyone. 
Hope all of you had a great Turkey Day.  It was so nice to relax and enjoy good food and family all around the table.

I finally got my slipcovers for the kitchen chairs.  Now I can show you the kitchen.  

This is a tiny galley type kitchen so we needed to be creative and come up with more room for storage.

So we accomplished this by making the small dining area off the kitchen an extension of the kitchen area.

Here are some before pictures:

This was the kitchen area when we bought the house.  Old appliances that did not work, cracked kitchen floor and dated fixtures.

This is the kitchen after.  New butcher block counters.  We took the upper cabinets down and put up shiplap and then open shelves.  I gave the cabinets some new paint and hardware.


We added new flooring and new appliances.

Now this kitchen is updated and more my style.

This was the dining area right off the galley kitchen that is now an extension of the kitchen.

Since we needed this space to add the big armoire for a pantry I decided to make a seating area instead of a traditional table and chairs. These chairs are comfy and it is a great place to have our coffee in the morning.

We added the big armoire for a pantry.  I love having all my small appliances on shelves and a big amount of space for pantry foods.

I am so happy I could repurpose my antique armoire into a more useful piece.  It really works so well as my pantry.

I added this old chippy cabinet door to the side of the pantry.  This chippy cabinet door is from an old farmhouse kitchen.  You know how I love to repurpose things with history!

This room gets lots of pretty light throughout the day.

Terry with his trusty tools made me these beautiful cornices for both windows in this kitchen area.

I have a nice framed out chalk board to add market reminders.  As you can see I started to put up some Christmas decor.

I have a nice area for a coffee bar.

Love having my open shelves.
I think this is my favorite transformation in the kitchen.  We took old vintage frames I had in storage and framed out this window.  It gives the window some character and still lets in lots of light.

 I have to give a shout out to my favorite slipcover artist.  Lisa from Fabric 8 Slipcovers came up with these slipcovers for my seating area.
This was a before picture of these chairs.

So you can see what a beautiful difference it made to have Lisa perform her magic for me.
I love that the gray and white compliment my new buffalo check drapes in this room too.
If you are interested in having beautiful slipcovers made please visit Lisa's website here.

I am so happy to share my new kitchen in our tiny cottage home.  I am embracing living smaller .  I am finding that I need less stuff and like the cozy feel of living small.  Being creative with the rooms  has been a fun challenge for me. 

Hope you all have a wonderful new week ahead.  Christmas will be here quickly.  Enjoy all the decorating, shopping, baking as the season unfolds.

I hope to have a post soon on my Christmas decor.  

Snow Birds

Hi Everyone. 
 I want to wish all my US friends a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  With firefighters and nurses in our family we will actually celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday this year.  Call of duty for a few of us on the actual holiday.  It is about being together and celebrating our blessing so it is all ok to wait one day!!!

I wanted to share with you a little find I found at Target.

This is my new snowbird family.  Are they not the cutest?!!

They just make me smile with their cute little fur hats and winter coats.

I really was minding my own business in Target actually looking for an extension cord when they sweet little birds flew into my cart.  I had to adopt them and take them home for my Christmas/Winter decor.

Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday at my daughters that has given me tomorrow to finish up my Christmas Decorating.

In this tiny house I did not have a lot of space for much decor but what I am doing is making me smile.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope there are so many wonderful blessings for all of you this year.

For all of you that are not in the USA have a great rest of this beautiful week.

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One Room Three Uses

Happy Monday.

I have been learning that when you downsize into a tiny cottage home you must be resourceful and creative with the spaces you have.

This is a two bedroom home.  That left me with our Master Bedroom and I needed an office, guest room and since the bathroom was so small a make up area.  So to solve the problem of needing three more rooms,  I just made one room work 3 ways.

I took my one and only extra bedroom space and made it into my guest room, makeup area and office space.

When you walk into this room I have a twin guest room bed.  I would have loved a queen bed for a guest room but living tiny did not allow for that.  I do have the twin bed if I have a guest stay over.

Most of my family live here so on holiday's we do not need an overnight guest spot.  My mom would probably be the only one that might sleep overnight and this bed works great for her.

I hung my sweet garden angel picture over the bed in this room.  My chippy arched window works well for a headboard.

I made this corner of the room my makeup table.  In 1949 when this house was built they did not think of large bathrooms with long counters, double sinks and make up areas.  I made one for myself in the corner of this room.

I hung my chandelier over the mirror area and have this cute little make up table with a wide drawer area for all my makeup.

I have these vintage chippy white hooks hung for my necklaces.  My sweet friend gifted me that Angel friendship sign so I hung this near my morning make up table.

I created a office space in this room too.

I have my vintage office bins hung on an old curtain rod for all those odds and end things.

I have my sweet chicken wire mannequin made on an old 1934 Chicago Hilton iron valet.

I have my Madonna's on my desk.

They give me peace.

Of course I have my sweet Grace angel guarding all the throws.  Another angel that gives me peace and makes me smile each day.

Now that we are living large in a tiny home I have been trying to be creative and utilize every inch of living space.  So this small bedroom is now 3 rooms in one.

As we head on down towards Thanksgiving I want to wish each and everyone of you many blessings on this special day.  I hope that your tables will be surrounded with loved ones.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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