News To Share

I interrupt my decor blog for this sharing of some great news with all of you.

Let me give you a little background before I share the good news.

Two years ago on February 13th,  our lives here at Junk Chic Cottage took a turn.  Terry who was the fire chief in the adjacent town where we lived left the job he loved.  That put us into the employment arena which I have to say is a crazy place to be.

Terry and I are 58 years old and no where near retirement age.  We have debt and still owe on our home.  Plus at 58 we are no where near able to get on Medicare for our health insurance.

Even more Terry is a dedicated firefighter that has held every rank in the fire service for 30 plus years and still wants to dedicate his life to this profession.

So this began a long journey for us.

We had to pay out a lot of money each month to have our health benefits which was very draining financially for us.  We both worked hard for 20 plus years to save up money for later retirement. It makes me sick that hard earned money for retirement had to be used until Terry could find another position.

Terry had many opportunities come forward for a new position and we always got down to the finish line but for some bizarre reason or politics or wanting the younger person etc. etc.  he did not get the job.  That kick in the gut with each disappointing rejection was really hard.

Jobs in public service are long drawn out affairs.  From beginning to end results of these positions it is on average over 6 weeks.  Getting your resume accepted and then the process of getting down from 80 plus candidates to the final person is a long and demanding commitment.

After each rejection we got back up and stayed faithful and positive that something would happen soon. 

After two long years of struggles and heartache Terry finally has been offered a wonderful Fire Chief position.  

Ironically he will begin this new chapter on Feb. 13th,  two years to the day after he left his old position.

So we will close the door on that chapter of our lives and open a new door.

One thing we both learned during this rough time is that our family and friends stuck by us and gave us emotional shelter when we needed it most.  For that we are truly blessed.

So as we begin this new chapter in our lives,  I personally want to thank all you blogging friends that prayed,  picked me up and gave me hope when my heart was broken and gave words of encouragement for better days to come.  

My hero doesn't wear a cape.

Unfortunately, we will have to sell our current Junk Chic Cottage and move again.  The job is further north of where we are living now.  

They want their new fire chief to be closer to the community he will be protecting.  Understandable and a risk we knew could happen with each job opportunity.  They are giving us lots of time to sell and find a new home.

So for now we will let Terry get into this new position and begin to navigate that and then will begin the process of finding a new home.

As spring approaches and new life starts to pop up we will begin the search for a new home.

We are hoping to find something that still keeps me close to my employment!!!!! The best job I have ever had of babysitting for my two granddaughters a few days a week.  Hopefully we can find something that will bring us closer to this new community where Terry will work and also keep me within a good driving distance to my daughters.

I did find a wonderful new home that is on the market and has lots of character.  We are thinking about it.

This is an old firehouse that has been totally renovated.  I think this would be a perfect piece of history for me and my fire chief to make into our new home.

Lots of exposed brick and hardwood floors.  I can see my chippy, white decor in this space.

Lovely open concept kitchen.  Of course the cabinets would have to be painted white!!!!!

Love that they left the original firehouse doors that still open and the old windows.  Just so much character to this home.

So don't you think this is the best house for me, Cooper and my fire chief hubby?!!!

Yep I did too until I saw the price tag.   Only a cool 1,350,000 and change!!!!!!  We are only short the million and change part :(

We can dream!

Thank you sweet blogging friends.  Your support and encouraging words and beautiful hearts made this long journey for us more tolerable these past few years.

While I love this new place we have only been in for less than a year,  I am going to stay positive we will find another beautiful cottage to make our home.

Hugs and a Grateful Heart,

Valentine's Thank You

Happy Wednesday

I wanted to say thank you to a couple of sweet bloggers.  You all know how sweet and talented some of the bloggers are.  

Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces blog had a vintage valentine giveaway that I won.  So today in the mail I got this lovely package.

This is the sweet treats that were in the package.  All vintage and all so fun for Valentine's Day.
I love the old fashion valentines cards.  My favorites.

Love the scrabble tiles that spell out Love.

The sweet little milk caps and red scrabble xo.  Everything related to Valentines Day.  Thank you Linda for all these sweet treats.

A few weeks ago I got this sweet angel in mail from Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable.  Kim made these sweet angels out of a pair of socks.  My little sock angel is the cutest.  I have had her out in my Valentine decor but she will be back on the shelf in my office.  I love to see her cute heart shaped smile everyday. 

Speaking of my office shelf.   I went to bed the other night and Hans my little handsome gnome that was gifted to me by Vera from  Row Homes and Cobblestones for Christmas. well.......

 When I opened the armoire door to my office shelves hmmm there he was that little "Romeo" smooging up to my new Sock Angel on the shelf.  I think I am going to have to change Han's name to Romeo!!!!
I guess Love is in the Air!
Have a wonderful rest of the week.  Friday morning I have a special post about some great news so check back.

Master Bath Refresher

Hi Everyone.
Hope your week is starting out great.

I wanted to show you some updates to our Master Bathroom.

This room was the only room not painted after we moved in.  So I decided to paint it the same color as our bedroom.

Behr Snow Drift

Then I made some little changes to freshen this master bath. 

The walls were a cream color like the counter top.  So we painted it a light gray/white by Behr called Snowdrift.  That is the same color as the adjoining master bedroom.

I added a couple of the Ikea white lace panels to soften up the window.  

I added this lovely indoor outdoor rug that is gray and white.  Love that it is an indoor outdoor rug in the bathroom with stepping out of the shower wet.  Very soft under your feet too.

This is the rug up close so you can see the pattern.  For an indoor/outdoor rug I was surprised how soft it was.  Found this at HomeGoods.

When we moved in last May this wall had a stock large flat mirror.  I took that down and added these individual oval mirrors over each sink.

They just add to the charm of having the chandeliers hanging over each sink.

In the middle of the mirrors I have another sconce with a frame for a little more light.

Terry made this cabinet to fit on top of the vanity to hide my makeup mirror and our tooth brushes, plug ins etc.

I hung this old arched chippy window up and Terry attached a couple of iron hangers for my towels.  I also moved that chippy little bench in from the Guest bath.

I had the everything except the rug which cost $50 from HomeGoods.  So I updated this Master Bath for very little money.

Have a wonderful start to the new week.